Summer Class Timetable

See below for an evolving timetable of all the classes on offer at South East Dance. 

Taken by Danny Fitzpatrick

Summer Classes 2024 (April - July)



Barre Beautiful

9.15am (Adults, All abilities)


Professional Training*

10.30am (Adults, Advanced/Professional)


Project Female: Project Fusion 

Contemporary 12+

4pm (Age 11+, Intermediate) 


5pm (Age 12+, Intermediate)

Musical Theatre Jazz 

6.15pm (Adults, All abilities)


7.30pm (Adults, All abilities)

Project Female: Project Flourish Audition Prep

6pm (Age 11+ Intermediate)


Morning Practice


(Adult, Intermediate)



(Adults, All Abilities)



Silver Swans Ballet 

2pm (Age 50+, Intermediate)

3pm (Age 50+, Beginners)

Contemporary Ballet

6pm (Age 18+, All abilities)

Beginners Contemporary*

7pm (Adults, All abilities)

Improvers Contemporary*

8pm (Adults, Improvers)

Rainbow Dance Steps 

8pm (Adults, All abilities)


Children's Creative Dance*

11.15am (Age 0-5, Beginners) 

Creative Dance for 55+

12.30pm (Age 55+, All abilities)

Acting Our Age: Intergenerational Dance

2.45pm (Age 50+ and other interested adults, All abilities) 

Adult Ballet

6pm (Adults, All abilities)

Latin Cardio

6pm (Adults, All abilities) 

Commercial Dance

7pm (Adults, All abilities)

 Contemporary Dance

8pm (Adult, Intermediate)

Contemporary Dance for 55+ 

12.30pm (Age 55+, Intermediate) 

Rise & Shine - Dementia Friendly Dance*

2.15pm (Adults, All abilities)

Contemporary Dance for 55+ 

4pm (Age 55+, Beginners) 

Inclusive Youth Dance

5.15pm (Age 10-18, All abilities)

Stretch & Strength Flexibility

6pm (Adults, All abilities)

Inclusive Adults' Dance

6.30pm (Age 19+, All abilities)



(Adults, Intermediate)

Brighton Broadway Tap


(Adults, Intermediate)


Pilates for Beginners

9am (All ages, Beginners)

Acting Our Age: Intergenerational Dance

10.15am (Age 50+ and other interested adults, All abilities) 

New Note Dance

2.15pm (Adults, All abilities)

Therapeutic Movement

6pm (Adults, All abilities)

Contact Improvisation

6pm (Adult, all abilities)

5Rhythms® Wave

7pm (Adults, All abilities)


Project Female: Minis

10am (Age 4+, Beginners)

10am (Age 5-7, Beginners)

Project Female: Youth

10.45am (Age 7-9, All abilities)

10.45am (Age 9-11, All abilities)

Project Female: Fusion - Contemporary

11.30am (Age 11+, All abilities)

Project Female: Street Fusion 11+ 

12.30am (Age 11+, All abilities)



Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are included in the Welcome Card discount scheme.