Summer Class Timetable

See below for an evolving timetable of all the classes on offer at South East Dance. 

Taken by Danny Fitzpatrick

Summer Classes 2024 (April - July)



Barre Beautiful

9.15am (Adults, All abilities)


Professional Training*

10.30am (Adults, Advanced/Professional)


Project Female: Project Fusion 

Contemporary 12+

4pm (Age 11+, Intermediate) 


5pm (Age 12+, Intermediate)

Musical Theatre Jazz 

6.15pm (Adults, All abilities)


7.30pm (Adults, All abilities)

Project Female: Project Flourish Audition Prep

6pm (Age 11+ Intermediate)




(Adults, All Abilities)



Silver Swans Ballet 

2pm (Age 50+, Intermediate)

3pm (Age 50+, Beginners)


Beginners Contemporary*

7pm (Adults, All abilities)

Improvers Contemporary*

8pm (Adults, Improvers)

Rainbow Dance Steps 

8pm (Adults, All abilities)


Children's Creative Dance*

11.15am (Age 0-5, Beginners) 

Creative Dance for 55+

12.30pm (Age 55+, All abilities)

Acting Our Age: Intergenerational Dance

2.45pm (Age 50+ and other interested adults, All abilities) 

Adult Ballet

6pm (Adults, All abilities)

Commercial Dance

7pm (Adults, All abilities)

 Contemporary Dance

8pm (Adult, Intermediate)

Contemporary Dance for 55+ 

12.30pm (Age 55+, Intermediate) 

Rise & Shine - Dementia Friendly Dance*

2.15pm (Adults, All abilities)

Contemporary Dance for 55+ 

4pm (Age 55+, Beginners) 

Inclusive Youth Dance

5.15pm (Age 10-18, All abilities)

Stretch & Strength Flexibility

6pm (Adults, All abilities)

Inclusive Adults' Dance

6.30pm (Age 19+, All abilities)



(Adults, Intermediate)

Brighton Broadway Tap


(Adults, Intermediate)


Pilates for Beginners

9am (All ages, Beginners)

Acting Our Age: Intergenerational Dance

10.15am (Age 50+ and other interested adults, All abilities) 

New Note Dance

2.15pm (Adults, All abilities)

Therapeutic Movement

6pm (Adults, All abilities)

Contact Improvisation

6pm (Adult, all abilities)

5Rhythms® Wave

7pm (Adults, All abilities)


Project Female: Minis

10am (Age 4+, Beginners)

10am (Age 5-7, Beginners)

Project Female: Youth

10.45am (Age 7-9, All abilities)

10.45am (Age 9-11, All abilities)

Project Female: Fusion - Contemporary

11.30am (Age 11+, All abilities)

Project Female: Street Fusion 11+ 

12.30am (Age 11+, All abilities)



Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are included in the Welcome Card discount scheme.