Beginners Pilates

If you’d like to improve your postural awareness, coordination, flexibility, and balance and gain a greater understanding of your body in movement, this class is for you. 

Pilates compliments any existing exercise routine, by helping to prevent injury and encouraging muscular balance and joint efficiency. If you’d like to increase your awareness and understanding of your body Pilates will help you to move better, stand taller and feel stronger. 

Louise is a compassionate and committed Pilates teacher with over 20 years experience of teaching sport and movement. She is committed to providing enjoyable sessions for all, with the ultimate goal of improving health and well-being. 

The holistic nature of Pilates means that it can be adapted to meet the needs of all ages and abilities so come and give it a try!

To book please email, or call Louise at 07498205128 or 07973616219

Please note there is no class on 31 May

Date and time
Friday 19 April - Friday 19 July 2024
Fridays, 9am
Duration: 1 hour
Louise Kenyon
The Aldridge Community Space (The Dance Space)
Ticket Price
Drop-in: £10

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