Ground Floor Access Features

Photo by Danny Fitzpatrick

The Ground Floor has the following access features:

  • Street level access into the building
  • 2 x wheelchair accessible studios (The Aldridge Community Space & The Weston Research Space)
  • Access to all floors via a lift
  • 3 x unisex, standard sized toilets. These are located in a unisex bathroom with 3 sinks and a mirror in the toilet lobby.
  • 1 x disabled changing room with an accessible toilet, sink and shower. This is sized 3.5 x 2.5 metres and has:
  • Drop down rails for the toilet & shower
  • Mirror
  • Grab rails
  • Shower seat
  • Baton hand shower, wall bar and mixers
  • Alarm pull cord and reset button
  • 2 changing rooms which are: 1 x male, sized 2.8m x 2.25m and 1 x female, sized 4m x 2.25m.


Please note that the female changing room can be divided into two separate rooms to accommodate different identifications of gender. When divided these spaces are sized 2 x 2.25m each.

Suspended circular lights hang alongside The Dance Space at night


The Dance Space is a safe and inclusive space that is accessible for everybody to use.

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