Professional Dance Classes

See below for an evolving selection of weekly classes suitable for professional and advanced dancers. We also have a full programme of classes in a range of dance styles aimed at a range of abilities.

Valerie Ebuwa at The Dance Space. Photo: Rosie Powell


Professional Training | 10.30am - 12pm |  Different guest teachers



Intermediate Contemporary | 6 - 7.30 pm | Teachers: Antonia Grove and Joel O’Donoghue



Gravity Yoga | 6 - 7pm | Teacher: Winnie Apollo-Schubert



Professional Intensive Workshop | 6 - 7pm | Gwendolen Nelson

Professional Dance Classes

A dancer against a city backgroup moves in a dance position.

Professional Training

Mondays at 10.30am. Presented by South East Dance

Monday 30 October - Monday 11 December 2023
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Professional Training