How to Apply

Applications are now closed for HOSTED and the U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024.

Kalakunj: JUMP START 2023

HOSTED is a live platform event taking place in Brighton & Hove on Sunday 24 March 2024. The selected groups/soloists will attend rehearsals during the day, and then present their dance piece live on stage in the evening. 

Groups applying for HOSTED can indicate on their application form whether they would like to be considered for U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024.

Groups who are selected for the U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024 as part of HOSTED, will be considered for shortlisting for One Dance UK’s U.Dance National Festival. If selected for the U.Dance National Festival, this piece will be performed live on stage with the group/individuals attending 12-14 July 2024 in Liverpool. 

Application deadline: 12noon on Friday 1 December 2024

To apply you must complete and submit the following by the deadline:

· All sections of the online application form – URL link provided below 
· The online equality and diversity monitoring form – URL link included in the application form
· Your dance film submitted by including the URL link to the video in your application form

U.Dance on Stage application form: Applications are now closed.

All applications MUST be made via the online application forms 
By telephone. Telephone application time slots can be arranged by contacting Sarah Kearney on  or call Sarah’s direct line: 07483 098854.

A regional panel of dance specialists will consider all applications based on the One Dance UK criteria and eligibility guidelines and invite a number of dance pieces to be programmed as part of HOSTED – Featuring U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024.  

All applicants will be notified of results by 12 December 2023.

The selection panel at all U.Dance Regional Platforms will create a shortlist of dance pieces for the U.Dance National Festival that meet the following criteria:
1. Demonstrate excellence in performance
2. Present excellent and engaging choreography*
3. Show dancers taking clear ownership of the choreography, which is appropriate for their age and experience*
4. Demonstrate respect and consideration to all (demonstrated through both the group’s/individual’s conduct at HOSTED and the appropriateness of performance content).

*A note on choreography: Excellent work selected for the U.Dance National Festival in previous years has been created by group leaders, teachers, young people, professional choreographers and any number of collaborations. There is no preferred ‘type’ of choreographer and no weighting in the selection process is given to who created the piece.

Please note:

The link to the equal opportunities monitoring form is included in the online application form.

The online application form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Therefore, please allow time to complete the full application form as it is not possible to save the form and return later. To avoid losing any work, you may wish to save your responses in a separate document first, then copy and paste it over to the online application form when you are ready to submit.

It is advisable to set some time aside to prepare your application prior to completing and submitting the online application form.

The list of questions is available here for your reference to allow you to prepare for completing the online application form.

Guidance notes for filming and submitting your footage can be found here.

If selected for HOSTED, all the dancers in your group must be available for the whole day of rehearsals and the evening platform. 

HOSTED is a day and evening of dance featuring:

HOSTED - groups/individuals who would like to be in HOSTED on 24 March only.

U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024 – groups/individuals being considered for shortlisting for One Dance UK’s U.Dance National Festival 2024 on 12-14 July in Liverpool. 

U.Dance 2023 Application Details

On a dark stage with soft lighting, a group of young women dance in brown trousers and black tops o

Who Can Apply?

Find out if you or your group are eligible

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Who Can Apply?
A group of young dancers in dark grey jumpsuits hold another dancer aloft at the rear of the stage whilst two dancers take low positions at the front


The safety and wellbeing of all participants is extremely important

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Young dancers in black outfits dance on a red-washed stage

Application Filming Guidelines

Use the Dos and Don’ts to help you make sure that you give your group and dance piece the best possible chance with our panel.

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Application Filming Guidelines
A group of young dancers in brightly coloured tops and red trousers face the back of the stage in a pose

Application form questions

All the questions included in the online application form, to help you prepare for your U.Dance South East 2024 application

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Application form questions
Three young dancers perform on stage in suit jackets

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
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U.Dance National Festival 2024

A number of pieces from the regional platforms will be selected for the National Festival

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U.Dance National Festival 2024
Young male dancers in black t-shirts and camo trousers fly through the air on a stage washed in red light

HOSTED – Featuring the U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024

HOSTED celebrates the future of dance by giving schools, colleges and youth dance companies a platform to shine in a professional space.

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HOSTED – Featuring the U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024