Application form questions

To help you prepare for your HOSTED application please find below all the questions included in the online application form.

Arts1 - Commercial Performance Team: JUMP START 2023. Photo Jane Russell

Please note that this is NOT the application form.

All applications MUST be made via the online application form
By telephone. Telephone application appointments must be made in advance by contacting Sarah Kearney on or call Sarah’s direct line: 07483 098854.

Applications are now closed for HOSTED and the U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024.

Please note that the online application form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Therefore, please allow time to complete the full application form as it is not possible to save the form and return later. The list of questions is available below for your reference to allow you to prepare for completing the online application form. 

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 12 noon, Friday 1 December 2023

Support and Access
We welcome applications from individuals and inclusive groups working with young dancers who identify as D/disabled or D/deaf.

There is a small access support fund available for individuals and groups with dancers who identify as D/disabled or D/deaf selected for HOSTED - U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024.

To discuss access and support requirements, or for more information about support for access costs please contact Sarah Kearney on or phone the office on: 01273 696844 or Sarah’s direct line: 07483 098854 or we can arrange a video call. 

As part of the application process, groups/individual applicants will be required to provide a URL link to a video of their filmed dance piece.

Selected groups/individuals will be required to submit documentation/forms and proof of Public Liability Insurance for working with their dancers.

Please let South East Dance know if you need support with administration as part of the application & selection process by contacting Sarah Kearney. 

Application questions – for reference only:

About the Group or Individual Applicant

Contact details
For applications by young makers/dancers aged under 18 years please provide a name and contact details of your parent/carer or teacher/youth leader/dance teacher. 

Name of group / company / solo artist

Full name of group leader / adult contact

Email address for group leader / adult contact

Telephone number for group leader / adult contact

Optional: name, email address & telephone number for applicants under 18 years old.

Groups / Solo applicants selected for HOSTED will need to be available to contact between 1 December 2023 – 24 March 2024. You will be asked to provide contact details for a group leader/adult contact if different/additional to the above. 
Please note: South East Dance offices will be closed 22 December 2023 – 1 January 2024

About the group / solo applicant

U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024 groups must be based in one of the following counties: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey or West Sussex.  

HOSTED groups opting not to be part of the U.Dance regional platform must be from East Sussex or West Sussex.

Where is the group/solo applicant based? Please provide the town/city, county and postcode

Which of the following settings best describes your group? School group / private dance school or academy / youth dance company or group / individual or independent applicant / other.

How long has the group been working together? 
For individuals – how long have you been dancing and/or creating work?

Provide a brief description of the company/school/group/individual applicant (maximum 50 words)

If this is a school group – is the school an Artsmark School? YES/NO/DON’T KNOW

Does your group have dancers who identify as D/disabled or D/Deaf? YES/NO

How many dancers are there in the group? (Maximum 20 dancers)

Number of dancers who identify as:
Prefer to self-describe

Please state the age range of your dancers. 
(*Eligible age range is 11-19 years or up to the age of 25 if they have a disability or long-term health condition.)
Number of 11 year olds (KS2)
Number of 12 to 14 year olds (KS3)
Number of 15 to 16 year olds (KS4)
Number of 17 to 18 year olds (KS5)
Number of 19 year olds:
Number of 20 to 25 year olds*


About the dance piece

PLEASE NOTE: If your dance piece is selected for HOSTED, the piece detailed below MUST be the same piece presented on Sunday 24 March 2024 at The Old Market, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. 

Title of piece

Please provide a brief (max. 100 words) description about your piece. Include details such as: the inspiration and concept behind the piece and what the piece is about. These are notes for the panel to inform their viewing of your piece.

Duration of piece (between 2 and 5 minutes)
If your piece is not completed yet please give an estimated duration for the finished piece.

Choreographed by: dancers / group leader / invited choreographer / other (you will be asked to select as many as apply)

Dance styles or genres included

Explain when the piece was created and whether it has been performed or screened before and, if so, how many times. (This can be approximate)

Title of music & composer/artist/musician

Submit film footage of your dance piece as a URL link to where the panel can view the piece online. 
If this is a private password protected link please include the password on the application form. 
This MUST be a URL link that is available to view online, NOT a downloadable file. 

How did you hear about HOSTED – U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024? 


Regulation and Safeguarding Requirements
Please be prepared to provide proof of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) cover if selected for HOSTED. Solo applicants working independently will not require PLI. 

PENNY & JULES DANCE will be applying for a BOPA from Brighton & Hove City Council for HOSTED – U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024. Full details are in the application form and will be provided by PENNY & JULES DANCE to the selected groups. 


U.Dance National Festival 2024
Dates: 12-14 July 2024
Location: Liverpool

Before proceeding please read One Dance UK’s U.Dance Application Pack 2024.

If you have any questions please contact South East Dance.

You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood the U.Dance 2024 Application Pack provided by One Dance UK, that you meet the eligibility criteria for the U.Dance National Festival and that you are available 12-14 July 2024 to attend in Liverpool. 

Do you agree that South East Dance can share your contact details with One Dance UK should you be shortlisted for a place at U.Dance National Festival 2024? YES/NO
(One Dance UK will contact shortlisted groups/soloists to let them know whether they have been selected for the U.Dance National Festival 2024 and to provide all information required for selected groups/soloists to be part of the U.Dance National Festival events).

If you are selected for U.Dance 2024 National Festival, how do you intend to raise the cost per person to attend?

Have you ever been selected to attend a U.Dance National Festival before? If yes, when?

Does the group/individual applicant currently have the appropriate number of up-to-date local authority licensed chaperones? YES/NO


South East Dance and PENNY & JULES DANCE:

Will not accept late applications

Have the right to refuse applications that do not meet all the eligibility criteria.

Have the right to refuse applications that are not complete, including a URL link to where the panel can view the piece online. 

Along with the panel members have the final decision on all selected groups.

Have limited access support cost funds for selected HOSTED groups/soloists and will offer them on eligibility on a first come first served basis. 


U.Dance 2024 Application Details

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