Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about HOSTED and the U.Dance Regional Platform.

Milton Keynes Dance Theatre: JUMP START 2023. Photo Jane Russell

QU: What if some dancers in my group are younger or older than the eligible age range?
A: All dancers must be aged 11 to 19 years, or up to and including age 25 for disabled dancers or those living with long-term health conditions, on 31 July 2024.

We are open to conversations about dancers aged 20-25 years who do not have a disability or long-term health condition, but whose personal circumstances may have prevented them from engaging with dance at younger ages, have had a break from dancing or have come to dance later. Sarah is happy to meet to talk through on the phone, in person, over video call or email: or telephone: 07483 098854

QU: If selected for HOSTED – U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024 do all my dancers need to be available for the whole day and evening?
A: Groups will need all of their dancers to attend the daytime activities of technical rehearsals. All groups must attend the evening platform that starts at 5pm. PENNY & JULES DANCE may be able to respond to requests for later technical rehearsal start times from groups who are travelling a long distance – for example groups based in Kent or Oxfordshire. 

QU: Can I submit a work-in-progress or an incomplete piece?
A: Applicants can submit the dance film as a finished version of your piece, or as close to being completed as possible. Early stage work-in-progress pieces will not be considered by the regional panel. 

QU: Do you have any advice on fundraising to attend HOSTED or the U.Dance National Festival?
A: Yes. One Dance UK have provided some guidance on fundraising. Please email Sarah to receive a copy:

QU: Can I apply with one piece and change it to another if selected?
A: No – the filmed dance piece in your application MUST be the SAME as the final piece presented at HOSTED – U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024 and the U.Dance National Festival. 

QU: Can I apply with a piece that we have performed before and with a different group of dancers? 
A: Submit a dance piece that has not been extensively showcased. The panel are looking for recent pieces that have either not been performed/screened before or have only been shown a few times. Please only submit pieces with the dancers who will attend HOSTED if selected.  

QU: Can groups, schools and soloists apply with more than one piece?
A: You can submit more than one piece. In this instance you must complete a separate application form for each piece. However, it is recommended that you consider choosing the piece that you feel has the best chance of being selected and work for a really strong application with that one piece.

QU: If our group was in the U.Dance National Festival 2023 can we apply for HOSTED and also be considered for the U.Dance National Festival 2024? 
A: To spread representation, groups who were selected to represent their region at the U.Dance National Festival in 2023, will not be eligible for selection in 2024 (regardless of whether they attended or not). However, they are welcome and strongly encouraged to apply the following year. 

QU: Where can I find more details about the stage at The Old Market? 
A: The stage dimensions are: 11 metres wide x 6 metres deep.
The stage has a black harlequin floor.
There is no run-around space backstage to move from one side of the stage to the other during the dance piece. 

QU: Do you have any advice about health and safety?
A: Please refer to your organisation/school/company’s Safeguarding Policy and Risk Assessment. 
If you would like to talk to us in relation to health and safety in your setting please contact

QU: Where can I find out information about previous year’s U.Dance National Festival?
A: You can view previous U.Dance National Festival highlights on the One Dance UK YouTube channel
Updates for the U.Dance National Festival 2023 will be posted in the coming months on the One Dance UK website.

QU: Are there any resources available from One Dance UK and last year’s U.Dance National Festival? 
A: YES! One Dance UK have provided resources on dance training and careers.  

QU: Who can I contact at South East Dance if I have questions about my HOSTED and U.Dance South East Regional Platform application?

A: Sarah Kearney by email at: or by telephone on: 07483 098854. Sarah’s working days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 


U.Dance 2024 Application Details

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How to Apply
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Who Can Apply?

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Who Can Apply?
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The safety and wellbeing of all participants is extremely important

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Application Filming Guidelines

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Application Filming Guidelines
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Application form questions

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U.Dance National Festival 2024

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U.Dance National Festival 2024
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HOSTED – Featuring the U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024

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HOSTED – Featuring the U.Dance South East Regional Platform 2024