Double your donations with The Big Give

During 19-26 March, 2024 we’re taking part in The Big Give campaign to raise up to £2500 towards a programme of free dance classes designed with and for vulnerable women in our community. 

The women we want to work with are clients of Justlife and RISE, two charities working locally to support women experiencing and temporary accommodation; and domestic abuse in Brighton & Hove. 

The impact of homelessness and domestic abuse extends beyond not having a home and facing violence. Poor physical and mental health; isolation and loneliness are all side effects that we believe dance can offer lasting relief from. 

We know that, at the best of times, taking part in dance is brilliant for our health and wellbeing. When life’s a major struggle, the joy of feeling good in our bodies and being part of a supportive community of people can be a real lifeline. 

Emily James-Farley, our Creative Communities Manager, says: “At the heart of our work at South East Dance is the belief that dance can be a tool for positive change. Our work with Brighton Unemployed Centre Families ProjectMASCOT and Puffin Nursery has shown us first-hand what dance can do for our self-confidence and self-esteem. 

“With help from our supporters and from The Big Give, we want to bring movement, joy and togetherness to women facing the kinds of challenges no one should have to face.”

Fran Anderson, Head of Development at Justlife says: “We work with women who have experienced homelessness. To support them in overcoming trauma and to reconnect them with their local communities we offer a range of practical and emotional support. The opportunity to come together to dance with other women who have had similar experiences would mean so much for their recovery.”

One of RISE's Community Connectors, says: "Dance classes would offer a safe space for survivors to non-verbally express themselves and gently reconnect with their bodies. Having access to free dance classes would be important for survivors as there are rare moments where people can fully connect with themselves while pausing their minds."

The great thing about supporting us via The Big Give campaign is that every penny you donate will be matched by The Big Give, doubling your donation. This means if we reach our target of £2500, our grand total will actually amount to £5000 towards making a difference to the lives of local women.

If you can spare a few pounds please donate when our donation page goes live at midday on Tuesday 19 March, here. Thank you.

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