Holiday dance and fun with BUCFP Playroom

This year, thanks to your donations, as well as very welcome support from Legal & General, we’ve been able to provide free holiday dance and creative movement sessions to children and families through our partnership with Brighton Unemployed Families Centre Project (BUCFP) Playroom. 

BUCFP is a local charity that welcomes people across the city living with severe poverty as well as the poor mental health, wellbeing and isolation that is often associated with it. BUCFP Playroom offers free childcare for pre-school children aged 1-5 whose parents are unemployed, homeless and/or in crisis.

School holidays are even more tough for families living in poverty because the structure, activities and free school meals provided by schools during term time are not available. 

Our holiday sessions with BUCFP Playroom have offered children the chance to take part in free creative movement, dance and play as well as having a healthy snack. 

In the BUCFP Playroom group, 80% speak English as a second language and were taking part in dance activities for the first time, so our sessions were a vital opportunity to connect, socialise and have fun. 

We asked Veronika Teivane, BUCFP Playroom Manager, what difference the holiday sessions have made to the families she works with. She said: “All the families have said that their self-esteem and self-confidence has been greatly increased and they feel heard and welcomed, they feel included and safe…everyone is treated equally, and their differences taken into account.”

If you would like to help us continue to provide free holiday sessions with local families living in poverty, please donate here