Watch Three films by Thick & Tight and The Welcome Project Steering Group

Enjoy the fruits of a collaboration between Thick & Tight and The Welcome Project Steering Group.

Still from the film The Sound of Blue by Thick and Tight and The Welcome Steering Group

Dance duo Daniel Hay-Gordon and Eleanor Perry, aka Thick & Tight, worked online with The Welcome Project Steering Group this year to create a series of short films for Our City Dances 2021, and we're delighted to present these fantastically creative pieces again as part of our festive offering of online dance.

Thick & Tight is an award-winning dance theatre company based in the UK who create a mix of dance, mime, theatre & drag, taking influence from a wide range of historical, political, literary & artistic subjects.

To find out more about Thick & Tight and the making of this work, read our blog.





Chirping Gold Chatter

The Sound of Blue

When I have Fears

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