Our City Dances

Our City Dances is a free annual dance festival designed to inspire people of all ages and abilities to enjoy and have a go at dance, as we prepare to open The Dance Space in 2022.

Ride by ZoieLogic. Photo by Zoe Manders

The festival takes place in and around The Dance Space, in the Tarner area of central Brighton & Hove and is created with the support of a Community Steering Group made up of people who live and work nearby. 




Every year, through an open call, we invite dance artists and companies across the UK to submit their ideas for dance activities that will challenge people’s perception of what dance is and who can do it. 

Our Community Steering Group makes the final selection to create a programme which, since its launch in 2018, has seen more than 7800 people take part in workshops and performances in everything from wheelchair tango and breakdancing; to hula hooping, capoeira and parkour. 

This Year's Festival

Divya Kasturi. Image: Jayanthi Jayakumar

Our City Dances 2021

Take part in Our City Dances 2021, our free annual dance festival
Our City Dances 2021

A Taste of Our City Dances 2019

Our City Dances Supporters

The Welcome Project

A programme of activities and events to encourage more people to dance in the local community

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