Cards for Wellbeing

Since COVID-19 has made it impossible for our Welcome Project classes to take place in person, we’ve been thinking creatively about how to inject some of the feelgood benefits of dance and movement into the lives of our participants in Brighton & Hove.

Air. Photo by Zoe Manders

In December, we commissioned dance artist and creative practitioner Anne Colvin to produce a series of four wellbeing cards to collect, designed to encourage people to enjoy nature, be curious, explore and share ideas.

To make sure as many people as possible can benefit from them, we’ve teamed up with our partner Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project and our new friends at the Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership to help spread the word via food banks. 

All four cards can be downloaded below, we hope you enjoy them too. 


Download the Air wellbeing card here.

A cloudy, light blue sky with a seagull flying in the center
Air. Photo by Zoe Manders


Download the Earth wellbeing card here.

Brown leaves and moss on grass
Earth. Photo by Anne Colvin


Download the Fire wellbeing card here.

Image of bonfire
Fire. Photo by Sam Howzit


Download the Water wellbeing card here.

Photograph of a beach with pebbles in the foreground and water in the background
Water. Photo by Anne Colvin

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Fan Dance Theatre Company at Our City Dances 2019. Photo Jen O'Brien

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