The Red Line

If you are involved in making performance – as a choreographer, maker, dramaturg, producer or performer – this website if for you

The Red Line is a website for everyone involved in choreographing and making dance, to spark and share dramaturgical thinking.

It is a space to discuss, ask questions, find solutions, share ideas and learn. You can explore where ideas come from, how others approach the studio, what mistakes people make and more…

Get involved by uploading a blog about your process or reading those from other artists. And look out for exciting new content from our Dramaturg in Residence Lou Cope and Guest Dramaturgs Martin Hargreaves and Luke Pell. 

Be sure to join The Red Line Facebook group where you can comment, ask questions and suggest future topics. (please link to the FB page)

Join the conversation at 


The Red Line Sessions

Plug in to our FREE podcasts where you can get into the thick of it with internationally renowned Dramaturgs Lou Cope & Luke Pell. A unique series of podcasts will grant us access to the world of dramaturgy – a practice which supports artists to develop their thinking and vision. Reflections, discussions and exclusive interviews with artists shed light on how the work we see on stage gets made.

Click here to listen to The Red Line Sessions

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The Red Line

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