Screen Moves: Saturday's Films

Watch Saturday's edition of our U.Dance Digital Regional Platform

Screen Moves is a celebration of dance, showcasing the variety and diversity of youth dance from across the south east region. The event is part of U.Dance, the UK’s biggest platform for youth dance, led by One Dance UK. The groups selected to take part in the regional showcase will also be in with a chance of taking part in the U.Dance National Festival 2021.

Kalakunj, one of our 2022 Screen Moves Groups. Image: Mr Shyam Prasad S

Thank you to our regional panel members for curating the programme:

Cath James, Chloe Snelgrove, Holly Smith, Jamaal O’Driscoll, Kashish Gaba, Natasha Britton.

Thank you to our partners and supporters including One Dance UK, National Youth Dance Company, Rosie Powell, Xzibit Young Creatives and Arts Council England.

And a big thank you to the dancers and group leaders for their energy, dedication and hard work.

This year’s platform includes 91 dancers from across the region. The groups come from a range of different settings including secondary schools, youth companies, dance schools and academies. Dancers who appear in Screen Moves are aged from 11 to 19 years, and up to 25 years for dancers with disabilities.

Screen Moves, the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform 2022 is a partnership event between South East Dance and One Dance UK. Generously supported by Arts Council England.

South East Dance is proud to be an Arts Award Supporter and Artsmark Partner.


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Natraj Dance Academy

Natraj Dance Academy - Kalbelia


U.Dance on Stage

Choreographed by Dr. Piyali Basu. Filmed and edited by Reva Mehta, Chandrika Krishnaprasad and Sreelan Elavakkal.

Music: Kalya Kood Padyo Mele Main. Composer: Nirmal Mishra.

Singer: Ms Seema Mishra.

This piece is based on traditional Kalbelia, a form of Indian Folk dance which presents the creative adaptation of the community of snake charmers from Rajasthan, in India. The piece incorporates the use of traditional Rajasthani metal plates and pots. Kalbelia songs originate from stories of mythology as well as folklore.

A group of dancers wearing long, black, traditional Indian dress. They are standing in a hallway with a painted brick floor.
Natraj Dance Company. Image: Dr Piyali Basu

Foreland Fields School

Foreland Fields School - Alex


U.Dance on Screen

Choreographed by Zoe Chapman and Alex Airs.

Directed, filmed and edited by Zoe Chapman.

Music: Alex’s Song by Tom Abrahams.

Alex is a performance piece devised around the performers love of music and dance. Alex is a self taught freestyle dancer who is happiest when he is on the dance floor. Alex’s Song is original music composed specifically for this film.

A reflected image of a male dancer wearing all black and a red cap. They are kneeling with one foot on the ground, facing the camera.
Alex. Image: Zoe Chapman

Evolve Youth Dance Company

Evolve Youth Dance Company - Interframe Morphosis


U.Dance on Stage

Choreographed by Jason Tucker and dancers. Filmed by Jason Tucker.

Music: Interframe by Adam Paroussos. Original music composed specifically for this piece. Design: Petri Delights- Maggie Campbell and Sonia Odedra.

An original collaboration between Evolve youth dance company and Jason Tucker, Interframe Morphosis is a response to the short film Interframe, by Petri Delights. A series of uncanny creatures morph their bodies, joining and melting into exquisite corpse-inspired creatures. To develop this piece, the group have been exploring representations of the natural world, the nonhuman, how that can be queered and what that means for our relationship with it.

Evolve Youth Dance Company. Image: Linda Zagidulina

Tailfeather Dance CIC

Tailfeatherdance CIC - GREY


U.Dance on Screen

Choreographed by the dancers and Imogen Butler.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Imogen Butler.

Music: Grey Shadow by ANBR Music.

GREY captures and embodies the movement quality of water and the conditions of the day. The dancers created their dance work in Zoom dance classes using individually chosen words related to the ocean. They were then asked to develop these ideas within the coastal space.

A black and white profile image of a dancer wearing a coat and hat. They are standing, learning forward with their arms outstretched.
Tailfeather Dance. Image: Imogen Butler


Kalakunj - Thillana


U.Dance on Stage

Original choreography by Dr Thankamani Kutty. Adapted to group choreography for Screen Moves by Mrs Ananya Chatterjee. Filmed by Mr Shyam Prasad.

Music: Thillana. Composition: Dr Thankamani Kutty. Vocal: Sukumar G. Kutty.

Thillana is the most vibrant and energetic piece in the Bharatanatyam repertoire. The dancers express infinite joy and abandon performing intricate rhythmic movements and postures culminating into a description of the feminine energy and power, ‘Rajarajeshwari Devi’ at the end. This piece is set to Adi Talam (rhythm) and Paras Ragam (melody) in the Carnatic music structure.

A group of South Asian dancers wearing pink and gold, standing in front of a black background with warm lights
Kalakunj, one of our 2022 Screen Moves Groups. Image: Mr Shyam Prasad S

Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance

Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance - GÖCE

East Sussex

U.Dance on Screen

Choreographed by Ceyda Tanc, Gabby Sanders, Gemma Shrubb.

Filmed by Roarke Pearce.

Music: GÖCE by Roarke Pearce.

GÖCE is based on a tribe. The group of dancers embody warriors, coming together with bold, powerful and dynamic movement, demonstrating their collective strength as a pack.

Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance. Image: Roarke Pierce