Pay What You Can

We are serious about removing barriers for people to see the work we programme and are trialling a Pay What You Can ticketing scheme for our undisciplined festival this March.

The Jamie Watton Creation Space. Photo

It is important to us here at South East Dance that people don’t feel excluded because of their financial circumstances, particularly now, when so many are struggling. We are really pleased to be able to offer Pay What You Can tickets to nearly all our events in our micro-festival undisciplined.

Audiences can choose from a range of pricing options, including a recommended ticket price and a free ticket. The Pay What You Can model offers people who can afford to pay the recommended price or more the chance to support others who can’t.

The recommended price is what we’d traditionally charge for tickets, and any amount paid over this will help us fund those lower-priced tickets and free places; as well as backing our artists support programmes and work with our local community. 

Alongside several Pay What You Can events during undisciplined, there is also a series of discussions that are completely free to take part in.

Our Artistic Director Cath James says: ‘We are excited to be piloting Pay What You Can with undisciplined. This March, particularly as this festival is all about pushing boundaries and encouraging us all to look at life from new perspectives. One of the themes we are exploring is art as a radical but kind act, which we want to reflect in the way we invite audiences in. I look forward to seeing some new faces experiencing this thought-provoking programme in The Dance Space – our own brand new building - as well as in our partnering local arts venues.’ 


Pay What You Can & Free events