3. Eligibility Criteria

A picture from Little Big Dance

To apply you must: 


  • Have a minimum 2 years experiences of making dance work. This could be a choreographic practice, a collaborative movement practice or as a dance maker.


  • Be based in the UK and making work in the UK


  • Have dance or movement at the heart of the artistic practice. 


  • Have an interest in making dance shows for early year audiences in the future, (no previous experience of making work for this audience is necessary)


  • Be curious and intrigued to learn and explore what is involved in making high quality dance shows for, by and with children under five-year-olds and their adults.


  • Have an open attitude to learn, unlearn, take risks and a willingness to immerse themselves fully in the residency. 


  • Have a commitment to being inclusive and accessible to a range of needs and abilities of young children.


  • Be able to work and collaborate with other artists and children to explore artistic ideas and themes, and make work during the residency


  • Available to attend and take part in the residency. In person participation is required and access needs will be accommodated to enable artists to be take part in ways which are suitable for them. 


What Little Big Dance is not:

We are not looking for dance teachers or community leaders who lead dance or movement activities, classes, workshops or sessions for groups of children. Applications must be able to demonstrate a growing artistic practice for making work, and an interest in making and touring work for early years in the future.