The Application and Selection Process

All applications are to be made by video, submitting a film file of your dance piece to South East Dance. This submitted piece will be considered for the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform 2021. See below for further details and here for how to apply.


Brooks Dance Company, MaKe U.Dance 2020. Photo Paul Astley

To ensure U.Dance is accessible as possible, applications are open with the following options:

U.Dance on Stage: for groups who are able to meet in person and create a piece in a studio. 


U.Dance on Screen: for groups who are meeting remotely and wish to develop a screen dance piece.

An independent regional panel will consider all dance film applications based on the One Dance UK criteria and eligibility guidelines (details are given below) and invite a number of filmed dance pieces to be programmed as part of the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform. The chosen dances will be shown on one or both dates, depending on how many pieces the panel select for the platform. 

Regional Panel

An independent panel will consider all applications and filmed dance pieces for consideration to be selected for the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform 2021. 
All applicants will be notified of results by 19 March 2021.

The selection panel at all Regional Platforms will create a shortlist of dance pieces that meet the following criteria:
1. Demonstrate excellence in performance
2. Present excellent and engaging choreography*
3. Show dancers taking clear ownership of the choreography, which is appropriate for their age and experience*
4. Demonstrate respect and consideration to all (demonstrated through both the group’s/soloist’s conduct and the appropriateness of performance content).

*A note on choreography: Excellent work selected for the U.Dance National Festival in previous years has been created by group leaders, teachers, young people, professional choreographers and any number of collaborations. There is no preferred ‘type’ of choreographer and no weighting in the selection process is given to who created the piece.

National Festival

A National Panel will select a small number of groups from each Regional Platform to have their work showcased at the U.Dance National Festival 2021.

South East Dance welcome applications from groups or soloists who only wish to be showcased at the Regional Platform level, and not be considered for the National Festival. If that is the case you may indicate this on the application form.

Please read the U.Dance 2021 Guidance Notes for more details about the National Festival and to inform your application to the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform 2021. 

Please note the Child Performance Licensing section with information about chaperones for groups. If the National Festival includes live activity any solo performers will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult/chaperone.