How To Apply

See below for the application steps and required information

Nuclear Dance, MaKe U.Dance 2020. Photo Paul Astley

Applications are now closed for this year's U.Dance digital platform, but watch this space for details of selected groups and how to watch this years platform online. 


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 12 noon, Friday 26 February 2021

All applications are to be made by video, submitting a film file of your dance piece to South East Dance. This submitted piece will be considered for the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform 2021. Details of how to apply are included below.

To apply you must complete and submit the following by the deadline:

· All sections of the online application form
· Your dance film submitted to Dropbox. Please submit your filmed dance piece as an MP4 file.
· Supporting documentation evidencing secured music rights / licensing to be submitted to Dropbox. For royalty-free music and original music composed solely for the piece the music must be appropriately credited. 

All applications MUST be made via the online application form 
By telephone. Telephone application appointments must be made in advance by contacting Sarah Kearney on or 01273 696844.

Please note:

  • We will provide Dropbox details within ten working days of receipt of the completed application form.
  • The link to the equal opportunities monitoring form is included in the online application form.
  • For the selected groups as part of the online watch parties, we will show the title of the piece and name of group before each dance piece is presented.
  • The online application form will take approximately 26 minutes to complete. Therefore, please allow time to complete the full application form as it is not possible to save the form and return later. To avoid losing any work, you may wish to save your responses in a separate document first, then copy and paste it over to the online application form when you are ready to submit.
  • It is advisable to set some time aside to prepare your application prior to completing and submitting the online application form.
  • The full list of questions is available for your reference to allow you to prepare for completing the online application form. 

Public Liability Insurance

Please be prepared to provide proof of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) cover if selected for the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform 2021. Solo applicants working independently will not require PLI. 

If you are working alone we advise that you make sure you have a clear space to move in, removing potential trip hazards. Make sure you have enough room to dance in without hitting furniture or anything around you. It is advisable not to dance if you do not feel well or have an injury. Let an adult know that you are creating/rehearsing your dance piece and make sure they are close by throughout the session in case you need help. If there is no an adult nearby, please make sure you can contact someone who can get to you quickly if you need help or assistance. 


Child Performance Licensing - Body Of Persons Approval (BOPA)

We (South East Dance) will be applying for a BOPA for the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform. If selected for the platform each group or solo applicant will need to complete a Brighton & Hove City Council Participant Information form. We will provide this on notification of selection. 

The details you will need to provide for the BOPA will include: 
- Address of the group/adult contact for soloists; the local authority in which each dancer resides. 
- You may need to provide the name of supervising DBS checked adults for your group; for example - school teacher/dance teacher/group leader/assistants



With pieces being streamed online at Regional Platforms and, if selected, at the U.Dance National Festival 2021, there are strict rules and legal requirements surrounding music licensing and rights. Groups should not assume they can use any piece of music for free – the rights MUST be secured. We are unable to pay to secure rights to any music accompaniment to pieces, and will not be able to stream the piece online if the rights are not secured. 

Therefore, we strongly recommends using royalty-free music as an accompaniment to your dance piece.
Please read the music guidelines from One Dance UK


Please note that for safeguarding reasons participants’ must not be identified by name in your submitted dance film. This means that you must not include their individual names anywhere on the film, including in the film credits. For groups & soloists selected for the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform, we will credit all dancers separate to the filmed pieces.  

If soloists aged under 18 years are selected for the U.Dance Digital South East Regional Platform, you will have an opportunity to chat to us about how we credit you in the Watch Parties.

Please consider the location you are filming in. For safeguarding reasons we strongly advise against filming in private spaces such as bedrooms. We advise using communal or public spaces as filming locations.