Help create and perform in The Cilia Dance

We’re supporting outdoor dance performance company The Bicycle Ballet to present a new dance piece on Saturday 25 September as part of Brighton & Hove’s Car-Free Day and they need you to help create it and perform in it.

The Cilia Dance, by Bicycle Ballet

The Cilia Dance is inspired by Covid-19 and the climate emergency; transport and air pollution; and Cilia – the microscopic, hair-like structures on the body’s cells, especially on the respiratory tract and lungs, which move to keep the airways clear and allow us to breathe easily. 

The Bicycle Ballet company is looking for up to 50 people (no previous dance experience necessary), aged 16+, to help create and perform the piece. You will be the Cilia: moving to communicate, learn, teach and understand. You might skate, walk, run, cycle, drive or ride – moving along a route through Valley Gardens, the lungs of the city.

To take part sign up via the link below. Workshops kick off on Monday 13 September at central Brighton locations.

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