Opportunities to See or Take Part in Dance While Dance Spaces are Closed

It’s more important than ever to keep our spirits up and keep moving to take advantage of the health & wellbeing benefits dance offers. Whilst we're all stuck at home there are still lots of opportunities to see and take part in dance and movement sessions. See below for links to such opportunities and let us know if you spot one we've missed or you are offering your own and we'll add them to our list here:

Who: Ceyda Tanc Dance
What: Advanced classes for graduates and professionals. 
Where: Pay what you can classes are held on Zoom at 10:30am every Friday. Get in touch via Instagram for more information. 

Who: Dance Activist
What: Movement classes including Dance, Yoga and HIIT every morning Tuesday-Saturday at 9.30am
Where: Buy tickets to the classes on the Dance Activist website

Who: Dance Makers Collective
What: 14 short meditations led by some of Australia’s best movement practitioners, designed to be taken with headphones on, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home 
Where: Pay what you can tickets on the Dance Makers Collective website

Who: Ella Mesma Company
What: A series of daily movement classes
Where: Sign up for the classes here.

Who: English National Ballet
What: A summer intensive of free online classes for young dancers aged 14-19 years. Running from 3 August  - 7 August. 
Where: Find out more on the English National Ballet's website. 

Who: Flexer & Sandiland
What: Online movement classes for over 55's
Where: Find out more here

Who: Gary Clarke Company
What: Q&A's, In-Conversations, Classes and more 
Where: Find out more on the company's Wasteland website

Who: Gemma Peramiquel
What: 30 minute sessions every Wednesday and Friday at 8am to wake up the body through movement and stretches.
Where: Gemma Peramiquel's Facebook page

Who: Greenwich Dance
What: Online dance and movement classes for all ages and abilities. 
Where: Information about each class is available via the Greenwich Dance website.

Who: Hayley Matthews
What: Coffee Break with Hayley: A movement approach to your mental and emotional wellbeing, weekdays at 11am
Where: On Hayley's YouTube channel

Who: IRIE! Dance Theatre
What: Taster Sessions for the BA (Hons) Diverse Dance Styles Course
Where: Classes are uploaded to Instagram.  

Who: Justice In Motion
What: IN.MOTION classes are being held 6 times per week and are open to all ages and abilities. 
Where: On Zoom. Visit the Justice In Motion website for more information. 

Who: Later Life Resources
What: LLT invites you, your exercise group participants, your patients and your family to join them live on Facebook for 10 minutes, 3 times a day to take part in their 'Make Movement Your Mission'.
Where: They will be available on the 'Make Movement Your Mission' Facebook page, and they'll also be uploaded onto LLT's Youtube channel shortly after the live stream ends.

Who: Lila Dance
What: Professional free open classes: 'Full Body Training in a Metre Squared'.
Where: Join the Facebook group to find out more.

Who: Lila Dance
What: Professional class ‘Zoom in, Dance, Be Seen’ every Tuesday at 10 – 11:15am
Where: On Zoom. Email carrie@liladance.co.uk to book a free place.

Who: Magpie Dance
What: 'Virtually Magpie' Daily dance sessions and films. 
Where: Visit the Mapgpie Dance website for more info.

Who: Marina Studios
What: Online Dance classes. If you can donate Marina Studios have set up a donation page here. Outdoor classes are being trialled from 25 June. To book a place please text 07709 341907. 
Where: Online classes are hosted on Marina Studios' Vimeo page.

Who: Parable Dance class
What: Fun 15: for families or for people in care homes and assisted/residential living. Parable Dance will lead you in a live, online, 15 minute inclusive dance class.
Where: Check the Parable Dance website for more information.

Who: The Royal Academy of Dance
What: ‘Silver Swans’ classes will help older audiences improve mobility, posture, co-ordination and boost energy levels in manageable bitesize videos.
Where: The weekly series will air on our social media channels every Wednesday at 1pm for nine weeks, as well as on the RAD website. For more information click here.

Who: Rambert
What: Rambert Home Studio. Access some of Rambert's most popular dance classes as well as new classes designed for the home studio. Classes are running on a 'pay what you can' basis. 
Where: Classes run throughout the week. Check the Rambert website for the full programme. 

Who: Rosaria Gracia
What: Dance and movement sessions being held daily both live and on-demand. Classes will explore a variety of different styles, from Afro-Brazilian dance to movement for health and wellbeing. 
Where: Classes run live throughout the week at 10am, as well as being available on demand. Check Rosaria's website for more information. 

Who: Sadler's Wells
What: Sadler's Wells Digital Stage. A programme of full-length dance performances and workshops online
Where: Check the Sadler's Wells website for the full programme. Screenings will be available to watch on the Sadler's Wells Facebook page for 7 days. 

Who: Sarah Blanc
What: 'Dance How You Feel Right Now'
Where: Sarah Blanc's Youtube page

Who: Sarah Kearney (South East Dance Assistant Producer)
What: Pilates and Barre Flow with Turning Tide Pilates, Saturdays at 9am
Where: Book here

Who: Stopgap Dance Company
What: Professional Dance classes.  These online classes were initially set up to keep Stopgap's dancers and apprentices fit and connected during isolation but have been opened up to the wider public. Stopgap will also be releasing a batch of dance for film soon.
Where: Sign up to the Facebook group for the classes and check the Stopgap website for information on screenings.

Who: Stopgap Dance Company
What: Youth Dance classes.
Where: Sign up to the Facebook group for the classes.

Who: Streetfunk
What: Online Streetdance Tutorials
Where: Via Google Drive to your email. Email info@streetfunk.co.uk to sign up.

Who: Traceworks Dance
What: Adult Beginner Contemporary 6pm (45mins) Mondays & Adult Beginner Ballet Wednesdays 6pm (45mins) Pay-What-You-Can. 
Where: More information can be found on the Traceworks website. 


Who: Zumba Brighton
What: Online Zumba classes
Where: The Zumba Zone Facebook group. Zumba Brighton are asking for donations if you are able.

Who: Dutch National Ballet
What: Online ballet barre classes
Where: Nationale Opera and Ballet You Tube

Who: Alvin Ailey
What: Ailey All Access - Full length videos of the company performing on stage
Where: Alvin Ailey website

Opportunities to See or Take Part in Dance While Dance Spaces are Closed