Feel Safe, Be Daring. How to switch on your Neurobiology of Safety.

In this introductory session Darren Abrahams will teach 5 easy practices you can use and incorporate into your professional life post COVID.
We’re living in times of rapid change and uncertainty. As artists our reality changed overnight and while some industries seem to be going back to normal, the arts seems to have been left behind.

This has inevitably brought a whole load of worries to the surface which can sometimes feel overwhelming. So how do we switch from a Neurobiology of Threat to a Neurobiology of Safety? And how do we use this knowledge to tackle the issues we face as individuals, as artists and as a sector?

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About Darren Abrahams:

Darren Abrahams is a singer, coach, therapist and trainer and is the creator of many programmes designed to expand the potential of individuals and groups. He works internationally as a facilitator and project leader in the fields of personal, cultural and community development, is a qualified trauma therapist, a Certified High Performance Coach and has appeared in opera all over the world.

Darren is co-founder of The Human Hive which trains volunteer and professional teachers to work in non formal and emergency situations and of The Starr Trust which supports young people to fulfil potential through sports, arts and education. He is on the steering team and head of pastoral care for The Complete Freedom of Truth, an international youth-led project developing global youth citizenship through culture and the arts. Darren is also Wellbeing Adviser and an international trainer for Musicians Without Borders where he trains musicians to use music for peace building with refugees and in post conflict communities.

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Feel Safe, Be Daring. How to switch on your Neurobiology of Safety.