Ebb and Flow

South East Dance are excited to share Ebb and Flow – a visually stunning and thought provoking film born from a chain-whispered proverb.

The work is a screen-dance collaboration between film director/ choreographer Deborah Tiso and Lauren Potter, composer Funki Porchini, sound designer Adam Laschinger and an intergenerational cast of local performers from Brighton & Hove, supported by South East Dance.

As chain whispers can morph and evolve words, so too can they represent our changing landscapes.

‘Restless seaweed dreams, perhaps streams, rivers, oceans, flowing, not knowing modern borders only ancient shores’
Terry Conway

Ebb and Flow collaborators came together last year to distil these beautiful words into a dance piece that captures the movement of water and the emotions it can evoke.

Watch Ebb and Flow here

Filmed and recorded in Sussex in February 2018


Not Knowing Modern Borders a companion piece by Adam Laschinger to the film Ebb and Flow, fuses a performance by the cast of Terry Conway’s whisper chain text with field recordings from Brighton Pier’s rollercoaster and sounds captured by underwater microphones buried beneath the pebble beach at Hove. 

Using themes from the whisper chain, the piece evokes a dream-like soundscape. The listener is encouraged to imagine a world based on mutually beneficial human development free from the fetters of modern, artificial and ultimately divisive national borders. A world that could reconnect and mend our now dangerously dysfunctional relationship with nature.

Listen to Not Knowing Modern Borders here

(Please listen on headphones for binaural stereo)

© Deborah Tiso and Lauren Potter
Ebb and Flow

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