Whether you want to see dance, participate in a workshop, take up a professional development opportunity or simply try out a new dance class, we have a range of opportunities to get involved in dance in Brighton and beyond.

Our City Dances Schedule

About Our City Dances

Alison Thomas: Found


Family Thing: Our Family Dances

Magic Moves: Animal Dances

Sonia Lisa Dance Co.: 11 Beats

Bolly Moves: Bollywood Dance

MyCharleston: Charleston Ceilidh

Amazonas Arts

Fan Dance Theatre and the Magic Chocolate Show: Chocolate Fans

Anna Pearce: A Yarn, A Thread, A Tale

Solaris Movement/ATS Bellydance: Belly Dance workshop and flashmob

Anna Alvarez: Romeo & Juliet

Four Hands: Touch

Janine Harrington: STACK

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