Young people awarded screen dance commission

Thanks to support from Fenton Arts Trust, we have commissioned three aspiring young filmmakers to create screen dance films inspired by the subject women in landscape, in partnership with learning disability arts champion Carousel.

Film storyboard

Over the next few months, Blythe, Lilija and Sofia will receive mentoring with professional screen dance specialist and choreographer Jo Cork, Jo will help the young people develop their ideas and create their own short films, which will then be in with a chance of being featured in Brighton Screendance Festival in November 2024. 

Twenty-four-year-old Blythe wants to make a film that shows we can dance anywhere. She says: “My true passion is Dance and I would like to create a dance film showing that people with Down Syndrome can be graceful and lyrical dancers as well as being creative.  I want to be able to show that we have the ability and the capability to do anything we set our minds to.”

Fourteen-year-old Lilija’s vision for her film is a young woman jogging through the landscape, alone with her music and feeling free. 

She says: “I am passionate about creating a dance film because I love music and movement. I love how it has the power to take you anywhere and how you can make yourself free, how you have the power behind the lens to create and share easily with the world online, or on tv or cinema.” 

Seventeen-year-old Sofia is inspired to make an uplifting film exploring a broad definition of femininity. “I would like to explore embracing femininity in different landscapes, she says. 

“For example, ballet at a construction site or street dance in a tearoom. I have always had an interest in dance performance, particularly modern dance, ballet and tap, only recently finding my love for contemporary. However, I would love to bring that onto a screen as it will enable me to focus on detail within movement and allow me to further explore meaning with my dance.”

We can’t wait to see what all three young people create. Watch this space.

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