TIMBER by Elinor Lewis

Friday 27 & Sat 28 May, 2022, Jamie Watton Creation Space, The Dance Space


TIMBER by Elinor Lewis. Photo: Rocio Chacon

Welcome to The Dance SpaceWe’re so pleased to have you here to help us test Brighton & Hove’s first building designed especially for dance, before we open to the public on 16 July, 2022. 

Your beautiful new home for dance is fully formed but not yet fully dressed, so some elements of the building, including some signage, are temporary. Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure how to find anything during your visit. Part of putting the building through its paces is asking for feedback from its users, so please let us know about your experience by chatting to a member of staff or emailing us at hello@southeastdances.org.uk. Thank you.

Tonight’s performance, TIMBER, is a delicate exercise in radical risk management. 

Six, wooden, door-sized frames, balanced upright in a row - waiting to fall like dominoes. Two people defiantly occupy this precarious space, performing a suspenseful balancing act.

Sensitivity warning: This performance contains loud, sudden noises and bright, pulsating lights throughout.

Elinor Lewis, (she/they) makes work that straddles dance, live art and installation. She is interested in people’s attitudes towards risk, why people feel tense when confronted with uncertainty and what happens to people’s perception of risk when states of tension are drawn out over long periods of time. Her creative practice seeks to embody and playfully unpick themes of precariousness, ecology, and tension using bodies and objects. 


Creator and Choreographer // Elinor Lewis 

Creative Contributor // Hannah Parsons

Performers // Elinor Lewis and Hannah Parsons

Set Designer // Hannah Sharp

Lighting Designer // Nao Nagai

Re-Lighter // Nikita De Martin

Costume Designer // Berthe Fortin

Photographer and Videographer // Rocio Chacon 

Consultants // Dr Sophie Jones, Viv Gordon and Hamish MacPherson 

Supported by: The Place, DanceXchange, Arts Council England, Artsadmin's BANNER Award, Goldsmiths College, The Welcome Collection, Take Art, Pavilion Dance South West, Taunton Pride, Somerset Lesbian Network, Diversity Trust and Chard WATCH.

Many thanks to TIMBER's interview participants, whose stories and ideas helped fuel TIMBER's creative research. You can read these conversations by going to: https://timberconversations.yolasite.com


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