Our Inclusivity Commitment

At South East Dance we are aware at that at present our staff team is mostly white, non-disabled and female and so does not reflect the communities of artists, local people and partners that we work with. We believe greater diversity and a wider range of views and ideas within our team is vital to making our work stronger, more relevant and more inclusive and we welcome applications from people that bring difference.


Our Inclusivity Commitment

We have reviewed our recruitment processes help us to draw from the widest possible talent pool to increase the diversity of our staff team and our Board and we are committed to monitoring our progress and continuing to improve the way we recruit going forward.

We want to make it as easy as possible for people from the widest range of backgrounds to come and work with us.  We believe that recruitment is a two-way process.  It is as much about candidates finding out whether they want to work with us as it is about us deciding whether we want to work with them.  We recognise that applying for jobs and attending interviews can be intimidating and we are trying to put processes in place that will help applicants feel comfortable and give of their best. 

  • Our job packs will be written in plain English and include only the essential skills and experience needed for the role
  • All job packs will be available in alternative formats such as large print and audio
  • We will provide clear guidance on the information applicants should include in their applications
  • Applicants can apply either in writing or in other formats such as video or audio recordings
  • We will provide applicants who have not worked in the arts or cultural sector before with additional support to explain in their application how the experience and skills they have are transferable into the role they are applying for
  • We will have a short, informal conversation with all candidates who meet the essential criteria as part of the shortlisting process to provide candidates with a chance to find out more about the role and for us to find out more about their ideas and approach
  • We will give candidates who are invited for interview the questions they will be asked and information about who will be on the interview panel in advance
  • We will ensure that interviews are held in an accessible venue and provide any other access support that shortlisted candidates may need.  We will also offer Zoom interviews for candidates who are unable to travel or don’t feel safe enough as yet to be interviewed in real life
  • All candidates who identify as disabled (including Deaf, disabled, neurodiverse and those with learning disabilities) and who meet the essential criteria for a role will be offered an interview under the guaranteed interview scheme
  • We will also guarantee an interview to all candidates who meet the essential criteria from backgrounds that are underrepresented in our workforce, such as such as those who are African, Asian or ethnically diverse or from low socio-economic backgrounds
  • We will reimburse the costs of travelling to interview for shortlisted candidates.


We welcome feedback and comments on our recruitment processes so that we can continue to improve them in future.


Our job applicant privacy notice is available here.






Our Inclusivity Commitment (Audio)

Our City Dances 2021. Photo: Summer Dean

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