Onca Gallery, 13 - 28 November 2015

Hawkers Pick Over Fruit Here is an exhibition that shares a collaboration between filmmakers straybird and photographer Zoe Manders. A visual eulogy to a space that served the local community for over 60 years.

Filmed in the soon to be demolished Circus Street Market Hall, straybird along with photographer Zoe Manders, pay tribute to this unique building.  Reflecting on its distinct architecture and the role it has played in the lives of generations of Brighton families who worked there, this installation of still and moving image reveals the patterns and rhythms of a disappearing way of life.

"The idea for the project was born back in 2013, with the simple notion that we wanted to offer those who had experienced the market, at any stage of its life, an opportunity to tell their story before the old building was flattened."
Zoe Manders

Hawkers Pick Over Fruit Here was commissioned by South East Dance and was made with support from Arts Council England. It was developed from an original concept by Lauren Proto and Zoe Manders.

© Zoe Manders

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