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Qigong (pronounced cheegong) works with the body, the breath and the mind to maximise health and wellbeing. 

This class will teach the immensely popular taichi qigong form. Inspired by tai chi, it has 18 beautiful movements which take about fifteen minutes to perform. Practised regularly it will build strength, balance, mobility, whole-body integrated movement, deep and slow breathing and mental calm.  

Qigong can be practised by all ages whether to improve dance, sport or martial skill, promote health and prevent disease and help ease a wide range of physical and emotional problems.  

This class is open to complete beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

Peter Deadman co-founded Infinity Foods, is an internationally known teacher, practitioner and author on Chinese medicine and health cultivation, and has practised and taught qigong for over thirty years.

Pre-book or drop in but always check bookwhen.com/peterdeadman if you are intending to drop in.

View the taichi qigong form here

Find out more about qigong here

Date and time
Tuesday 09 January - Tuesday 26 March 2024
Tuesdays at 11am
Peter Deadman
Aldridge Community Space at The Dance Space
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