Professional Training: Charlotte Vincent

3, 10, 17 June

Vincent Dance Theatre

Class description

Sessions focus on release work, partnering skills and short choreographic tasks to find meaning in movement.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Vincent is the Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Vincent Dance Theatre and has been described as "One of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today", Observer 2015.

Charlotte formed Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) in 1994 and has directed all of the company’s work to date. Vincent devised and performed in all VDT’s work until 2002 and has designed the company’s work since 2005. VDT is an international ensemble devising collaborative, interdisciplinary performance work that challenges conventional values in dance and gender politics.

Charlotte is committed to raising the profile of female-led arts practice in the UK and her distinctive voice acts as a mentor, teacher, facilitator, writer, provocateur and catalyst for critical debate and social change. 

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