Professional Training: Abi Mortimer (Lîla Dance)

Monday 20 May

Taken by Dougie Evans

Class description

Abi (she/her) leads a creative and challenging class that begins with focusing on ease of connection between the centre and the periphery. The class builds towards articulating the whole self through complex and athletic phrases that sends energy into the edges of the body whilst maintaining an ease and economy in effort. There is a focus on the development of a strong core that allows for generous shifting of the centre and dynamic transference of weight with attention to rhythmic clarity. Through the process of this class you will find yourself exploring a range of physical sensations, caught up in Abi's complex and creative language.

Abi will be performing in Lîla Dance's Fault Lines as part of South East Dance's May festival season: Fault Lines

About Abi: Abi Mortimer — Lîla Dance (

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