Mind The Gap: How to Tour Your Work

Join Artists and Producers Grace Okereke and Amy Bell for a discussion about how to approach touring your work.  

Grace Okereke has been working in the dance sector for more than 18 years, with her career evolving from performer to manager – with the latter being her predominant role; and across Europe and internationally. As a Producer, Grace works across performance productions, touring, fundraising and strategic development. Grace currently holds roles as Senior Producer with international showcase platform, Horizon; Producer for disability-led theatre company Diverse City; and Associate Producer for Company Jany-Bi and Germaine Acogny, based in Senegal. Grace has also founded her own company, Uprise Rebel, which supports Black female choreographers and administrators, as well as developing inclusive audiences.

Amy Bell (they/them) is a London based dance artist and producer. Amy’s work, including performing, making, producing, writing, curating, facilitating and dramaturgical practices, is borne of binary busting fervour. Amy aims to explode ‘them-and-us’ thinking around embodiment, queerness, marginalisation and relationships between audiences, artists and institutions. Politically rigorous whilst uniquely accessible, their work offers nuance, warmth and humour to celebrate particularity and create connection. 

Amy’s solo works have toured widely, including installation piece TOMBO(Y)LA and theatre piece The Forecast, which won a Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Festival 2019, and was selected for the Surf The Wave UK Dance Showcase, the British Council Edinburgh Showcase and festivals in The Netherlands and Poland. Amy teaches and facilitates widely, including working with queer collectives in Cearà, Brazil for the British Council Pontes Programme in 2018 and facilitating young makers on Next Choreography at Siobhan Davies Dance 2016-2018.  Amy is currently Artist Development Producer at The Place, where they also curate Splayed, an international festival of disruptive queer performance and digital art.  

Date and time
Thursday 20 May 2021
2pm, FREE
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