Triple Bill - A Space to Call Home

Join us for an evening of Dance and Movement as part of the Space to Call Home artist development programme, delivered by Marina Studios and funded by Arts Council England. This triple bill event showcases the creative works of three talented dance artists, each presenting unique and thought-provoking pieces with social impact.

Content warning/accessibility: Loud noise, strong language, themes related to racism and partial nudity.

Age guidance: 16+

Baggage by Lucy Clark
We all have it—baggage, the invisible burdens we carry that are often too complex, too personal, and too heavy to share. This duet, combining tap, contemporary dance, and live music, delves into the emotional journey of carrying these unseen weights. Baggage offers a heartfelt exploration into the highs and lows of life, presenting an uplifting, relatable, and moving piece of dance theatre that seeks to connect us all through our shared experiences.

Lost in the world by Jess Alvares
This powerful digital film is about race within musical theatre auditions. Since graduating, Jess has personally faced uncomfortable encounters that have highlighted how her appearance and heritage are often scrutinized more than her skills and training. This project draws directly from her personal experiences, providing a raw and honest insight into her struggles within the industry.

Lucero Del Alba by Iván Merino Gaspar
Iván presents Lucero del Alba, a piece deeply inspired by his cultural roots in Spain and the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights. This performance captures the essence of his heritage and the spirit of activism. Inspired by the choreographers lived experiences, Lucero del Alba is 'a cry for freedom from a boy that lived censored by his own culture'. What do you think of freedom?

Event information provided by the artists.


Date and time
Wednesday 24 July 2024
Duration two hours.
Lucy Clark, Jess Alvares, and Iván Merino Gaspar
Jamie Watton Creation Space at The Dance Space
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Two people of South East Asian heritage embrace. One is faced away from the camera ad you can just see the back of their head which shows someone with short dark hair. The person turned towards the camera has longer hair and is wearing jewellery on their head, necklace and hands. They have blue eyeshadow on and blue painted on the palm of their hands. Neither person appears to be wearing clothes on their top half.

Waltzing The Blue Gods

An evening featuring some of South Asian Arts’ globally respected choreographers, composers, and musicians.

Sunday 04 August 2024
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Waltzing The Blue Gods
We are looking at three dancers from the Global Majority grouped closely together, looking away and up from the camera. Two of the dancers are in wheelchairs, and another stands in between. They are wearing striking and brightly coloured clothing, with one dancer wearing a loose top with a lightning bolt, and another a coral pink top and mustard leggings.

Creative Tank

An Inclusive choreographic intensive with Stopgap

Monday 09 - Wednesday 11 September 2024
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Creative Tank