Jen Grant, aka Dance Theatre

aKa Dance Theatre have been creating turbulently happy works since 2014. Co-founded by dance-mad Jen Grant (She/ Her) and Joe Garbett, aKa are based in Taunton as company in residence at Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre. 

Jen Grant

aKa are excited to be a small-scale company that creates works that are adaptable for a variety of performance surroundings, indoors and out. They are fiercely interested and invested in ensuring that the arts are accessible and enjoyable to all and love nothing more than bringing communities together.


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Little Big Dance Festival & Symposium

Two Japanese performers, a man and a woman, in white sleeveless tops fold paper in an origami style. One is knelt down and placing their paper on a long white mat while the male performer stands up behind her. An audience of children and mothers are watching on. They are in a dark room with the stage area lit.

Little Big Dance Festival & Symposium

A two-day conference featuring performances of Little Big Dance commissions, new sharings, panel discussions and more

Monday 19 - Tuesday 20 February 2024
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Little Big Dance Festival & Symposium