Introduction to vertical dance and aerial dance harness

Two days of workshops for anyone wanting to gain some experience of working in single point harness either on the floor (aerial dance harness), or on the wall, (vertical dance). Join for one day or both.

Day 1 - Aerial Dance Harness (low fly) - all levels

This is a single point harness class that works in and out of contact with the floor using abseil lines and climbing equipment.

This class forms an introduction to the characteristics of working on a variety of single point rigging systems, in different configurations and spatial relationships and using guided improvisations to explore each new territory.

Beginning each session with floor work, we’ll then check in on correct use and understanding of the rigging before moving into working in solos, pairs and group explorations.

And did we mention, it’s a pretty good core workout but more than anything, it’s also really good fun!

Day 2 - Vertical Dance Technique - all levels

This is a single point harness class where we work in contact with the wall, meaning your usual dance floor is flipped through 90 degrees. 

Following a short warm-up, we’ll then move onto explaining the aerial rigging and understanding how to use it safely, (single point climbing harness and climbing equipment). 

On the wall we’ll begin by investigating the foundations of Vertical Dance technique, moving through basic orientation and vocabulary in the morning, before working towards finding more complex sequencing and explorations to find your dance on the wall. 

What to wear

It is advised that you wear multiple snug layers around your hips and waist for your comfort and to minimise chafing (!) high waisted shorts over leggings or under sweat pants for example, high-waisted stretch jeans are my personal preference. 

Long sleeved t-shirts are also handy for some moves. 

We usually work barefoot on the floor but you may also want to bring slim soled, non-marking plimsolls for the wall and/or socks.

All aerial equipment needed will be provided.

Age 16+


About Lindsey Butcher

As a dance and aerial practitioner, Lindsey has over 39 years of professional practice and remains very active as a performer, choreographer, teacher and mentor.

In 2003, (after winning the Jerwood Award for Circus) she founded the aerial dance company, Gravity & Levity to provide a vehicle for her artistic vision. 

As a disabled-led, award-winning aerial dance company, Gravity & Levity specialise in vertical dance, world-class artist development and exciting audience imagination, redefining what and where a dance floor can be, both for audiences and themselves.

Much of Lindsey’s aerial choreographic work over the last 15+ years has been 'building based' vertical dance commissions, a discipline in which she teaches master classes in the UK and Internationally; France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Panama and Brazil.

She is also a founder member of the Vertical Dance Forum, a transnational group who received Creative Europe funding to disseminate this practice and support the development of the art form.



Date and time
Saturday 24 - Sunday 25 February 2024
Saturday 24 February & Sunday 25 February
10am - 4.30pm
Lindsey Butcher (Gravity & Levity)
Jamie Watton Creation Space at The Dance Space
Ticket Price
£40 for Day 1 or Day 2
£70 for both days
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