B.Fest: One, by O’Driscoll Collective

“Near super-human core strength saw them support their bodies with one hand over and over again, but they did not lose grace, and the biggest cheer of the night was theirs.” Financial Times, 2020.

Presented by South East Dance’s The Welcome Project as part of B.Fest, One is a mesmerising performance exploring male mental health, driven by the dynamic rawness of Breaking. The piece shows the journey of two characters (Midlands-based b-boys Jamaal O’Driscoll and Marius Mates) moving through different emotional states. Using Breaking as a mechanism for tackling their shifts of energy, the characters come in and out of contact with the floor and each other as the intensity of their relationship rises and falls. Suitable for adult and family audiences.

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Commissioned by Dance Hub Birmingham.

Date and time
Saturday 23 October 2021
O'Driscoll Collective
Brighton Youth Centre

B.Fest: Hip Hop dance workshop with Jamaal O’Driscoll

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Saturday 23 Oct 2021
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B.Fest: Hip Hop dance workshop with Jamaal O’Driscoll