Align Supported Artists: Janine Harrington

Choreographer Janine Harrington is South East Dance’s first artist to be supported through our new Align programme, which will see us working closely with six mid-career artists over the next four years to support their capacity to take advantage of new opportunities, build their profile and develop new networks.

Align responds to the eclectic and often very specific needs of artists at times when they are in between funded projects and therefore lacking consistent support to produce their work. Over
a period of 18 months we’ll work in a focused way with each artist to help them achieve their potential and plan for the future.

In addition to this new relationship, we’ve been supporting Janine over the past year to create two new works. The first, SOME TIMES, is Janine’s inaugural full-length show and explores different aspects of togetherness on a non-human scale: bacteria, electrons, tectonic plates. The second, Screensaver Series, is a body of work spanning live dance, sound and digital, exploring the properties a dance might have if it was a screensaver. We are excited to be co-presenting with our partner Brandwatch the first digital output of the Screensaver Series as part of this year’s Brighton Digital Festival: a multi-screen digital dance exhibition created with media artist Erik Axel Eggeling. The live work can be seen at London’s Dance Umbrella on 9 October.

© Janine Harrington
Align Supported Artists: Janine Harrington

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