The Dance Space

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters we have successfully raised more than 90% of the £6.6 million needed to make The Dance Space a reality. But we still need help to get us over that final line, and to fit the building out with the best possible facilities for artists and local people alike. 





What is The Dance Space? 

Helping to breathe new life into the Tarner area in the centre of Brighton & Hove, The Dance Space will offer a wide range of classes, community-led projects and performances from its three state-of-the-art studios and performance space.  There will also be an entire floor of rentable shared workspaces, as well as a permanent home for South East Dance.

Who is The Dance Space for?

It’s a place for everyone to come together under one roof and celebrate the joy of dance. Since 2016, we’ve been working with the local community through The Welcome Project to create the kinds of dance activity they want to take part in. We want this relationship to continue in The Dance Space when it opens in 2021, as well as expanding out to people across the city and region.

What’s going to happen in The Dance Space?

Alongside the classes and performance programme, The Dance Space will allow us to provide residencies for professional dance artists and companies; and we’ll be able to commission more innovative dance projects and support new and exciting developments in choreographic creation and research. We want everyone to have the chance to experience the best dance made by the most talented artists; particularly artists who want to experiment with new ways of engaging more people with dance.

When will The Dance Space open?

We’re preparing to move into The Dance Space in 2021, when we’ll be working with partners and audiences to test the space. A full public opening is planned for the same year when we’ll be welcoming the city and the region to take part in an exciting programme of classes, workshops and performances designed to challenge perceptions of what dance is, what it can achieve and who it’s for.



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The Dance Space

When it opens to the public, The Dance Space will be the South East’s new home for dance in the heart of Brighton & Hove
The Dance Space