2020 Vision: Yael Flexer

Co-artistic director of Flexer & Sandiland with digital artist Nic Sandiland, Yael originally formed the company as Choreographer in Residence at The Place Theatre, London and to date has created 13 full-length productions, touring throughout the UK and internationally. 

Yael Flexer. Photo Chris Nash

Company commissions of live and/or digital works include Brighton Festival, Brighton Digital Festival, Woking Dance Festival, Sadler’s Wells & Barbican Centre, London. The company recently completed its spring 2020 touring of Curiouser, an immersive family work co-produced with dybwikdans, Norway as well as producing a dance video for Birdmask, Manuel Gagneux.

Commissions as an independent artist 2018-2020 include works for Hull Dance, Maslool (Israel), Stavanger University (Norway), Three Score & Encore East. Yael has created numerous works for youth companies and regularly leads workshops, professional training and mentoring projects in the UK and internationally. She completed her PhD in 2013 and co-directs mapdance, the University of Chichester’s MA/postgraduate touring company.

Yael Flexer's pick for 2020 Vision

Moments of Looking
by Lily Skove

Yael says: “Bebe Miller is one of my all time choreographic heroines, her work, the workshops I have taken with her, and her company have deeply touched me and affected my work to this day. Bebe’s work investigated intimacy, touch and identity with nuance like no other. The dancers bring fragility, intelligence, openness and a listening to her work. What is created in their meeting is driven and delicate in equal measures. It is deeply felt and always emanates ‘liveness’, an articulation of the body, the self and the sensed, an external expression of our internal landscape.

"Bebe’s work also brings a sense of complexity and questioning to any assumed notions of community or belonging which have always resonated with me. The physical contact and intricate bodily dialogue we witness when the dancers move at close proximity allows for both collision and empathy, a making sense of and with others."

Moments of Looking by film maker Lily Skove was created as part of a year-long process of documentation of Bebe’s work In A Rhythm (2017). It was filmed as part of the project The Making Room, which explored ways of sharing choreographic process and presented as an installation. In A Rhythm itself was inspired by the writings of Toni Morrison, David Foster Wallace, and Gertrude Stein.

Bebe Miller says: “To me, all three writers capture diverse cultural relevancies through how they structure language: their syntax, and their precise tone, brings meaning… In A Rhythm works with the premise that our willingness to decipher the unfamiliar, cultivates shared understanding. It uses sound and text as underlying maps of events and situations. My focus is on the “tell”—the subtle interactions of gesture, timing, focus and dynamics that are uniquely human, yet, outside of familiar frames, are often illegible. We understand these bytes of kinetic information because we, as humans, move.

"It is an honour to share this work with South East Dance as part of 2020 Vision.”


2020 Vision is our celebration of screen dance curated by the artists who will take part in the opening programme of The Dance Space next year, as well as the South East Dance team and our Welcome Project Community Steering Group.  

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