2020 Vision #2: The Welcome Project Steering Group

The Welcome Project Community Steering Group are our incredible group of volunteers made up of people living and working in the Tarner area, surrounding The Dance Space. 


They help us choose the dance projects we run in the local community and also work with us to decide what’s in the line-up at Our City Dances, our annual celebration of dance in Brighton & Hove.

The Welcome Project is a programme that encourages more people to have a go at dancing in the run up to the launch of The Dance Space and beyond. Activities are designed to cater for the residents of Tarner across the age spectrum, including dance workshops for children at the Puffin Nursery pre-school, pop-up classes for young people and teenagers at the Brighton Youth Centre, tea dances for elderly people living with dementia at Brooke Mead, and workshops in Salsa, Charleston and Latin at Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project

The Steering Group's pick for 2020 Vision #2

PungJeong.Gak (風精.刻) A Town with a Blue Hill
By Joowon Song

The 8th dance film of the Pung Jeong.Gak (風精.刻 ) series records disappearing memories of Cheongpa-dong neighbourhood, before its redevelopment in Seoul, Korea, with site-specific body movements. The film attempts to narrate and archive today's Cheongpa-dong in corporeal gestures. In each corner of Cheongpa-dong, houses with different temporal layers are cluttered together, where endangered narratives create consonance in discordance and move about in a lively manner. When looking down from the hill, one gets an entire view of newly built Seoullo-7017, adorned with colourful streetlights. Across the landscape of massive metropolis, what will be portrayed in corporeal gestures are the traces of life, and the landscape of the neighbourhood located on the blue hill, soon to be disappeared in the sweep of urban redevelopment.

Quotes from the Steering Group about the Film

"I love this piece. The choreographer takes us through a day in the life of a town seen through the eyes of some of its inquisitive inhabitants.

"It’s playful and focussed. The town is as much a part of the dance as the performers who move through it. As a collective of individuals they draw our attention to the differences in the buildings and alleyways of the townscape, echoing their environment as they play with different spaces. The duet is caught up in their own physical childlike curiosity, seemingly unaware of its band of followers. This dance film carries a tenderness and attentiveness, no judgement or aggression, but a desire to take our bodies and minds to places of everyday wonder."

Anne Colvin


"A Town with a Blue Hill filled me with intrigue! It had an eeriness to it which I can honestly never say I have experienced before in a dance piece. Its colours and story were fascinating and I was enticed."

Laura O'Leary-Portlock


2020 Vision is our celebration of screen dance curated by the artists who will take part in the opening programme of The Dance Space next year, as well as the South East Dance team and our Welcome Project Community Steering Group.  

Read an introduction to 2020 Vision from our Artistic Director, Cath James, here.


We would really appreciate you taking time to complete this short survey on your experience of 2020 Vision. It's important to us to find out what you thought of the programme, so we can refine and tailor our programmes to what you want to see. We also have to report back to our funders, so we need as much feedback as possible for them. Once again, thanks for your time and attention.


Thanks to the generosity of our funders and supporters, we are delighted to share this content with you for free. As an arts charity, however, we have to continue to fundraise - not only to complete the build and fit-out of The Dance Space, but also to ensure that the positive impact of our work can be felt by more people across the South East region. Please give what you can; every donation, large or small, is welcome. Thank you.

PungJeong.Gak (風精.刻) A Town with a Blue Hill