2020 Vision #2: Rosemary Lee

Known for working in a variety of contexts and media, Rosemary Lee creates large-scale, site-specific works with cross-generational casts, video installations and films. 

Rosemary Lee performing in her work Threaded Fine. Photograph: Neil Grech. Courtesy of ŻfinMalta.

Rosemary's work is characterised by an interest in creating a moving portraiture of the performing communities she brings together, whilst also exploring and highlighting our relationship with our environment, be it urban or rural.

Her recent work includes Passage for Par, a durational work for 30 women crossing tidal sands, as well as Circadian and Threaded Fine, both durational works for 24 soloists of all ages.

She is a Work Place affiliated artist, and an Associate Professor at C-DaRE Coventry University.

Rosemary Lee's Pick for 2020 Vision

Peace Starts With Me
by Magali Charrier

Rosemary says: "This little gem of a film grapples with so much in such a short time. It wears its cleverness beautifully lightly and suggests to me many facets of awareness. It speaks of the messy, challenging, sometimes painful, process of consciousness; our attempts to understand ourselves- let alone improve ourselves – and cope with this complex world. 

"I appreciate the influence of Charrier’s experience of the contrasting sensations and imaginings one feels as a dancer. A fleeting idea or gesture sweeps from you and is gone before you know, juxtaposed with the sense of the substance of your body, your weight and mass being far from ephemeral. She reveals constantly changing states, the flux, the impermanence of it all and the lack of control. Yet now, digital platforms allow us to freeze on any frame and see the layers of her process, each moment an artwork in itself."

Magali says: "I find forms and ideas in the doing, in the joyous energy of throwing myself into the work. I am more and more interested in the unfinished, the provisional, the raw. I like to leave things endlessly open, as sketches. 

"My starting points are specific bodily sensations or states of mind. These act as subtle and fleeting points of reference throughout the making of the work. The images come later. They emerge in the making of the film.

"My interest lies with the filmed image and its physical manipulation. I print the frames of live action footage and re-work them with a variety of media such as paint, drawing, collage. Here, mark-making is used as a tool for concealing, fragmenting, revealing or adding to the filmed image - each frame becoming a canvas, unique amongst the many. 

"By merging moving drawings with live action, I put mark-making at the centre of film-making, turning the process into a physical and felt experience. In creating a dialogue between body and trace I look to question the materiality of movement and of human presence." 


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Peace Starts with Me