2020 Vision #2: Janine Harrington

Janine Harrington is an artist whose work includes writing, choreography, drawing, public space projects, costume and space design. 

Janine Harrington. Photo: Christopher Matthews

Janine works in collaboration with other artists and publics across works, mainly in gallery and non-stage spaces. Her work prioritises explorations around access, play, agency, confrontation by times/scales beyond the human and neuroqueer experiences of attention, listening and learning. Her recent work, the kaleidoscopic Screensaver Series foregrounds these interests and has been touring since 2018 with collaborators; sound artist Jamie Forth and dancers Vanessa Abreu, Rosalie Bell, Iris Yi Po Chan, Rosamond Martin, Stephanie McMann, Stella Papi, Louise Tanoto and Elisa Vassena. 

Janine’s work has been programmed by Wellcome Collection, Fest en Fest, Dance Live Aberdeen, Sånafest, Dance Umbrella, V&A Museums, NottDance, Brighton Festival, Brighton Digital Festival, Tanz in Winterthur, Villa Empain, Warrington Contemporary, Theaterfestival Favoriten, Et20l’été France, EAREYE festival Inkonst and South East Dance.

Janine Harrington's pick for 2020 Vision

By NWAKKE and Mind Ur Head

Janine says: "I was introduced to NWAKKE’s work through Mind Ur Head, a platform for dance artists who identify beyond the gender binary at The Chateau, a bar and space for queer culture in Camberwell, London. 

"Since moving to London about half my lifetime ago, I’ve seen so many queer meeting spaces close, be torn down or forced out with rent rises. It feels like there aren’t many spaces to just go and be and see whoever is there, however you are. It feels like everything has to be an event and I’m not great at getting to so many events. One of the things that has come out of lockdown life for me, is that I feel in greater contact with more people I barely knew before, through in-depth phone conversations, meetings, volunteering, mutual aid and accessing more things online. Whilst this has been extremely tiring and difficult to boundary, I also recognise a shift, reconnection, recognition: a deepening of ongoing commitment to solidarity across intersections. I realise now that I feel I had lost something of that orientation and focus in the last years of running around trying to navigate making things work in the dance world. 

"For this platform I have selected NWAKKE’s work HAIR FLICK, because I felt in it an urgent address and resonance that feels to both pin in place and anticipate something like empathetic displacements in perspective. I’ve watched this work so many times in the last weeks, and I keep experiencing, seeing, hearing it differently. In assuming that the reader will encounter this text before the work, I won’t say anymore except turn the sound on and up. And a massive thank you to NWAKKE for allowing me to share her work on this platform."

NWAKKE says: "This work is a stream of consciousness airing frustrations, pain, rage and desire. It is a way of connecting to what might go unexpressed and acknowledging the weight of uncertainty and deep questioning that we are experiencing individually and collectively in our world and at this time."


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