2020 Vision #3: Raquel Meseguer

Raquel is a UK based dance theatre practitioner. She identifies as dis-abled and works with rest as a creative impulse.


Raquel Meseguer. Photo: Paul Blakemore

In 2016 Raquel founded Unchartered Collective to create encounters that explore the lived experience of an invisible disability like chronic pain. A Crash Course in Cloudspotting was supported by Unlimited, Mousonturm, Fabrica, PMStudio and MAYK. In 2019 an iteration of the piece toured Mexico, with British Council support. 

Raquel also co-founded Lost Dog and was Associate Artist on Paradise Lost, and Juliet + Romeo. Raquel also collaborates as a movement director with directors Amy Hodge and Rachel Bagshaw. 

Raquel Meseguer's pick for 2020 Vision

words collect under my soft palate, lips shut, sounds bubbling
By Alexandrina Hemsley

A video work by dance artist and writer Alexandrina Hemsley in which she deals  with the silencing inherent in marginalisation and anti-blackness. This work sets out to refuse any singular narrative of the moving body and offers a soft resistance to reduction and objectification. It aims to free her identities out of the clutches of colonial, ableist frameworks which often force her to harden out of protection.

Alongside this is a challenge to herself - as an artist who experiences heightened distress over her appearance - to look in the camera for more than a minute.

Raquel says: "I was moved by Alexandrina Hemsley’s piece. Arrested. It spoke to me of shifting identities, the many masks we wear, the lengths we go to. The incessant drive of that effort, I felt in the clapping-eggy-on-cheering-beat. It unsettled me. 

"To me, the piece boldly (and beautifully) unsettles cultural expectations of the female body; the young female body; the female dancing body; the female body of colour. 

"And the text is beautiful - honest and frank. My favourite kind of text. 

"I want to talk about the body as a site of radical politics with a capital ‘P’. But then I don’t want to put you off, because maybe we want entertainment without the politics (which doesn’t exist). 

"I’d ask that you watch it, and let it resonate in you, and let it unsettle you, in your own body." 


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words collect under my soft palate, lips shut, sounds bubbling