Our Flourish bursary programme offers artists a cash award and artistic mentoring support to enhance their career.  This could be anything from taking a course, working with a lighting designer through to developing an app that helps promote their work; anything that enables your career to literally flourish. 

We hope to be able to release details soon on this year's application process.


Joe Lott Dance, one of the companies we’ve supported through our Flourish programme.

Previous Flourish artists have included:

Abi Mortimer, Artistic Director of Lila Dance, for research and development into a new family friendly digital app to sit alongside a new outdoor work.

Alice Holland, Producer and Cabaret MC Ophelia Blitz, for testing her game app exploring public space and the potential for community-building through dance and play.

Allyson Jones, to enable her to attend a training course at Laban developing skills and methodology in regard to working with older dancers.

Dance artist, Amy Morvell, to work with a lighting designer to enhance the production of her duet Turtle Dove

Ester Natzijl for mentoring to build a skill base around delivering creative workshops with young teenage boys. Her vision is to explore the social and emotional effects of gaming on early teens.

Francesca Baglione, Miss High leg Kick to explore the incorporation of the traditional Japanese art of Bunraku puppetry into her practice in a collaborative environment with fellow artists.

Hayley Matthews  to secure administrative support to manage her company Ensemble, allowing her to focus solely on creative development and making work.

Lilian Deans Allison to enhance the sound and lighting production values of her new outdoor work.

Luke Brown’s first full-length production, The Dandelion Child, researching the use of puppetry to convey the effects of childhood trauma.

Munya Muchati to support him in the development of a new cross-discipline artist platform website Thirty10.

Sammy Silver to support the creation and editing of a professional showreel for his show; Sass, Sex and Surrealness

Sheena Khanna to fund her time, as a producer, to work with Artist Sarah Blanc to create a strategic plan.

Will Timpson for training to develop his hip-hop vocabulary as both a dancer and a teacher.