U.Dance 2021: South East Regional Platform - Saturday

Saturday's line-up for the South East Regional Platform of U.Dance 2021.


Image: Drishti Dance. Photo by Alex Harvey-Brown

Brooks Dance Academy - Hard Places
West Sussex
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed by the dancers. Filmed by the dancers and families.  
Edited by Lucy Brooks
Music: Tomorrow will be Better I Promise by Exist Strategy.

Brooks Dance Academy dancers were asked to explore their local urban spaces and bring cold, wet, drab, hard, dark, concrete or metal places to life through movement and creative improvisation. Their piece asks us to look again at what we see on our local walk round the block, and find interest in the everyday. All movement choices, locations and filming were put together by the dancers and their families after an exploratory Zoom session with their choreographer.


Lucy Turner  - The Tartu Piano
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed and filmed by Lucy Turner.
Music: The Tartu Piano, written and performed By Max Richter.  Published By Mute Songs Limited courtesy of Max Richter & Deutsche Grammophon GmbH.

This piece explores the grief Lucy experienced at the passing of her Grandma, and embodies the sound of The Tartu Piano, named after her Grandma’s birthplace in Estonia that Lucy once visited with her. Complex shapes represent the thought processes and confusion associated with understanding loss. 


King’s Academy Binfield - An Act of Faith
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed and filmed by Jess Richards.
Music: Experience by Ludovico Einaudi, Falling in Love by Alan Watts.

An Act of Faith is inspired by the idea that in this very uncertain time we have to trust, even though we are so far from normal and everything is so changeable. The dancers wanted to show our resilience and how we rise in the face of challenge and continue to hope for the best as we continually move forwards. The dance film shows the isolation felt by individuals, but also how this time has brought us together in different ways.


Drishti Dance - Contours
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed by Anuradha Chaturvedi.  
Video editing and compilation by Shyam Dattani.
Music: Contours by Hriday Desai and Vikas Mishra. Original music composed specifically for this film.

This is a fast-paced and dynamic work, that features a contemporary spin on traditional technical Kathak. It reconstructs the established rhythm structures and melodies with the aim of etching new contours on rhythmic canvas.


Project Female Dance Company - Every Touch Leaves a Trace
East Sussex
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed by Ellie Bishop-Williams.
Creative Producer, costumes and filming: Pip Sayers
Music: NY2LA by NBHD Nick. Eyez Closed by Norman Sann.

COVID-19 has highlighted the crucial part that human contact plays in our social interactions. Not being able to touch and be touched has left us feeling isolated and detached – having significant impact on the fabric of our relationships and our wellbeing. This piece encapsulates the lasting impact that touch can have on us.


Tailfeatherdance - WINTER
National Festival Selection Nominee
The Welcome Project Steering Group Choice
Choreographed by the dancers. Filmed by Imogen Butler.
Music: Winter Part 1 from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Originally choreographed to Bohemian Rhapsody, this dance piece was created using words (in alphabetical order to support recall) that communicate the story behind the song. It includes individual and group set choreography, and individual interpretation. 


Zambesi Dance Company - Smile Inside
Regional Platform
Choreographed by Emily Neighbour and the dancers. Filmed by Peter Anderson.
Music: Ambient Abstract Background by Lowtone. Abstract Ambient Documentary by Luca Francini.

Smile Inside is an insight into the dancers’ personal experiences of the first lockdown, and the things that brought them joy. A reflective work that shows them responding to each other’s stories, and ultimately sharing their love for dance, recognising the important role it plays in all their lives.    


Thank you to all the dancers taking part:

Aabha S, Amelia M, Amy I, Ananya T, Andrew S, Annika D, Arya V, Ava H, Blythe H, Charlotte B, Danai M, Deah M, Deeya D, Dulcie C-T, Ella-May S, Emilie P, Emma J, Emma L, Esme D, Esme S, Eva B, Heidi H, Heidi O, Hollie W, Gargi B, George H, Getriya A, India H, Ira A, Isabel S, Isabella O, Jack S, Jai N, Jemima B, John H, Joslyn K, Keeley N, Kitty D, Laila E, Leah G, Leila C-A, Lexie C, Lexi F, Libby E, Lola B, Lola M, Loxy O, Lucy E, Lucy T, Lula L, Madalyn W-D, Maiah M, Maisie W, Maitreyee B, Marla G, Masie B, Maya H, Megan H, Mia W, Millie O'N, Mimi E, Mischa F-V, Mitzi T, Mruga N, Niamh N, Neha S, Ophelie L, Orla M, Phoebe B, Rebecca H, Ria G, Ruby H, Ruby H, Ruby M, Scarlett W, Sian W, Sofia H, Sophie L, Sky C, Tabitha H, Teagan C, Tesha A, Tilda P, Tilly F, Zia D, Zoe K.