U.Dance 2021: South East Regional Platform - Friday

Friday's line-up for the South East Regional Platform of U.Dance 2021.

A still from ELEMENTS by Tailfeatherdance

Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance - ZEMIN 
East Sussex
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed by Ceyda Tanc and the dancers.
Studio and at home footage filmed by the dancers and edited by Roarke Pearce. Music: Original composition for Ceyda Tanc Dance by Alex McCall. 

ZEMIN is based on ritual and what this means to the individual as well as a group. Inspiration for the piece was drawn from traditional dance styles and Ceyda Tanc Dance’s professional works. 


Brooks Dance Academy - An Ode to Nature
West Sussex 
Regional Platform
Choreography: Guided improvisation from the dancers. Filmed by the dancers and parents. Edited by Lucy Brooks. Royalty free music from BenSound & Free Nature Sound. 

Brooks Dance Academy junior dancers were set a creative improvisational task, reflecting on the peace and serenity that natural environments can offer us in lockdown. In groups, dancers were asked to create a short phrase using a series of motifs. With the help of their families, they then performed and filmed these phrases outdoors, editing and adapting them to interact with the natural environment around them. 


Downlands Community School - Monotony
West Sussex 
National Festival Selection Nominee 
Choreographed by Ms M Cull. Filmed by Adam Harris. Music: Linked by Bonobo. 

Monotony focuses on lockdown and the monotony of remote learning. It looks at how everyone has felt bored, frustrated and alone at some point during this time period. Throughout the piece, motifs such as grabbing the head and running actions reflect frustration and attempting to escape the situation we find ourselves in. There is also varied repetition to show the idea that every day seems the same as the one before.


Lighthouse - She Used to be Mine 
National Festival Selection Nominee 
Choreographed by Lucy Turner & Taylor Whitehouse. Filmed by Samuel J Butler and Lucy Turner. 
Spoken word: Lucy Turner, mixed with lyrics from She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles. Piano music: Touch by Mattia Cupelli. 

She Used to be Mine is a concept video following a young woman who discovers her childhood diary. The spoken word piece combined with the close-contact, asymmetrical and intertwined choreography explores the feelings of longing, regret and guilt for the person she used to be.


Tailfeatherdance - ELEMENTS 
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed by the dancers. Filmed by Imogen Butler. 
Music: Life by Chris Lammin. Roots by Chris Lammin. Contemplation by Chris Lammi. Allegro by Emmit Fenn. Firesong by Kevin Macleod.

Dancers created this piece by choosing words they felt communicated each element. They then individually explored movement ideas for their chosen words. Dance work was then developed over time through use of levels, direction, dynamics and interpretation. 


Cascade Dance Company (Dancers from The Canterbury Academy) - I can hear you in other ways 
National Festival Selection Nominee 
Choreographed by Sidonie Carey-Green. Edited and Directed by Sidonie Carey-Green. Filmed by the dancers. 
Music: Original track by Sidonie Carey-Green. 

I can hear you in other ways explores Sign Supported English as a universal tool for creating movement and choreography in a group of hearing and nonhearing dancers. It was created using the breath as a source of rhythm, rather than musical accompaniment. Our inspiration for this film comes from Deaf dancer and company member Leah, who shared her story as a starting point for choreography.


SWBGS - Drivers License
National Festival Selection Nominee
Choreographed by the dancers. Filmed by Harry Fayers and Richard Fayers. 
Music: Deep Blue by Ben Sound. 

This piece was created during the National lockdown in January 2021. The piece is a creative response to the emotions and frustrations felt by the dancers at not being able to dance together and not be in the studio. The piece is filmed on locations around Marlow and High Wycombe.


Thank you to all the dancers taking part:

Ailsa R, Aimee F, Aimee L, Aimee P, Aklisa K, Amelia B, Andrew S, Annabel LNF, Ayla M-J, Bonnie P, Catherine R, Cerys C, Charlotte F, Charlotte H, Connie T, Daisy C, Eliza S, Elizabeth R, Ella K, Elosie O, Emily C, Emily I, Emily T, Erin P, Esmee O, Esmie S, Evie B, Harry F, Heidi M, Hettie C, Holly B, Indy G, Isabel F, Isabel S, Isabella D, Isabella P, Issy F, Jess S, Kaia T, Kiera G, Lauren P, Leah M, Lily D, Lily G, Lily M, Louise W, Lucia D, Lucy T, Madeline B, Maia F,  Matilda J-H, Maya D, Nina S, Phoebe D, Poppy G, Poppy S, Rosie M, Rosie T, Sammi M, Samuel D, Taylor W, Tula C.