U.Dance Filming Guidelines

As part of your application process, we require submission of both the completed online application form and film footage of the piece by 12noon on Tuesday 11 January 2022. 

Please submit the finished version of your filmed dance piece, or as close to being complete as possible,

A still from ELEMENTS by Tailfeatherdance

Filming your Dance Piece


Please use the Dos and Don’ts to help you make sure that you give your group and dance piece the best possible chance with our panel.


Do provide film footage of a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes in duration. 


Don’t supply short clips of only a few seconds or footage longer than 7 minutes.
Do try to make sure that the piece is as close to finished as possible.

Don’t just submit small clips of the piece on their own- it is hard for the panel to picture what the final piece will look like if they only seen this and have no information about what the finished piece will look like.


Do use your final choice of music that will be in the final edit. Do adhere to the guidelines regarding royalty free music or original music composed specifically for the piece. 

Don’t include ‘place holder’ music. The panel make their decision based on all artistic choices in the dance film, including the music. Don’t use copyright music for which you do not have music rights secured. 
Do have the dancers in costume. Or in clothes as close as possible to the final costume choice and in your application notes about the piece please give precise descriptions of the final costumes.  

Don’t forget to help our panel picture what it will look like if the dancers are not in the final choice of costume.

Do make sure that you film the piece in a clear space (move bags or chairs out of shot where possible).

Think about what is in shot and making the space as clear as possible. 

Don’t distract the panel with clutter in the room - they may be mistaken for props. Do not leave washing drying in the background, or other clutter (unless it is part of the piece).

Do make sure for there is no identifying content or information in shot or in the opening titles or credits. 

Don’t include identifying information such as names of dancers, address. Don’t have any identifying information in shot such as school photographs, family information, contact details, etc. 

Do include all dancers in the filming (or as close to all). Do include the same group of dancers that will be in the final edit of the film, if selected.  

Don’t film a piece that should have 20 dancers with only 2 present. If selected don’t submit the final film with a completely different set of dancers to the application film footage. 

Do make sure that the music can be heard.

Don’t use a phone to play music out of whilst filming - a sound system/stereo is much better. Don’t have the public chatting in the background.


Do make sure that your dance piece and group are well lit and clearly visible. 


Don’t film in the dark. (Unless that is part of the piece)
Do make sure that there is a clear start and clear finish

Don’t have the dancers stood chatting casually at the back (unless this is part of your piece)



How to send your footage


  • In the online application form include the URL link (e.g. YouTube link or Vimeo link) to your dance piece.

  • If this is a private password protected link please make sure you also include the password on your application form. 




Do check that your URL link works before sendingDon’t just send it in without checking it works
Do check that we have received your footage/application if you do not hear from us within 10 working days. Don’t feel like you are pestering us, we would rather make sure that all applications come through successfully.
Do send any passwords that we need to be able to view your URL link (if a private YouTube link)

Don’t make your footage so private that our panel cannot watch it


Do call us if you have any questions



Don’t let footage submission stressful and confusing – talk to us before the application deadline. 

Do make sure that when played on a laptop, or any device, the footage plays the correct way up and not on its side (you may need to change the orientation that you film it).


Don’t forget to test this before submitting the clip to us.








Filming Guidelines

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