Our inaugural micro-festival undisciplined took place over three dizzying days of performance, discussion and sharings, across city-wide locations and venues and to sold-out audiences. The theme of identity was central to the festival, exploring and testing our preconceived ideas about gender, ethnicity and sexuality, about our strengths and vulnerabilities and laying bare in the raw.   

High points included:  Attenborough Centre for the Contemporary Arts at capacity with a fully inclusive audience disquieted by Yasmeen Godder’s tender yet brutal Face in and charmed by Hetain Patel’s gentle reappraisal of perspectives in Let’s Talk about Dis. Trailing Identity offered attendees a journey of a day. Literally. Brave and challenging performances by Amy Bell Tombo(y)la, Colin Poole and Charlie Morrissey White Charlie and Project O’s immersive piece X concluding with a crescendo of a group hum, provoking vigorous debate. Project O at The Old Market disarming audiences with their two hour durational work Voodoo that takes the audience on a spiritual journey of reckoning; a mesmerising experience juxtaposing audience with performer. Eleanor Sikorski versing us with her best ever cusses in Comebacks I thought of Later while Jan Martens’ Ode to the Attempt made us laugh, shed a tear and ache in sheer admiration at his windmilling body parts.

© Mark Alesky
© Katarzyna Perlak and Jack Barraclough
© Hugo Glendinning