Our City Dances Festival

It’s almost here! Our second annual Our City Dances festival brought to you by The Welcome Project, the high point of our lead-in programme introducing the people of Brighton & Hove to the amazing breadth of dance that will be bursting out of every crevice of The Dance Space once it opens in 2020. This year there are back to back performances as well as opportunities to have a go at a multitude of dance styles. Our four commissioned artists will showcase their work with very young children, Brighton Youth Centre, Brighton Unemployed Families Centre Project and Brooke Mead Extra Care Facility in unique and atmospheric settings.

On Saturday 29 June, Our City Dances is co-hosted with our partners at Tarner Festival where we share the stage with Audio Active and have performances, events and workshops popping up from all corners of the park. From Hula to Kathak, Capoeira to a Charleston Ceilidh (!), it promises a day of unadulterated summer festival vibes. Sunday 30 June sees a city takeover with over 16 events staged at locations from Jubilee Square to Brighton Youth Centre to accidental encounters on street corners across the Tarner area. Many of the performances are BSL interpreted and there’s a strong focus on encouraging all ages and abilities to join artists in watching and making amazing performance happen. 

Keep an eye out for featured artists let loose on our Instagram account!  Anne Colvin, the artist behind IMPRINT unleashes her takeover on 12 June, Urban Playground let their Zoo Humans take control on 20 June and the roving collective that is Found pop up on 24 June.

We’re very much looking forward to dancing with you! 

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© Malik Diouf
Our City Dances Festival