Jack Bould: Reflecting on my first month at South East Dance…

So I've been here at South East Dance for over a month now and I feel an introductory blog/insight into how it is going is needed:  I am constantly reassuring work colleagues that I am enjoying life here and settling in well, but I reckon this will be the nail on the head for any remaining doubters.

I joined South East Dance on the 11th of January this year with the ambition to learn new skills and the qualities required for digital marketing, and to utilise my own ability to expand South East Dance's growth of their social media profiles and sites.  30+ days into my job here and I've learned so many new skills whilst enjoying my time here thoroughly. I am able to use my knowledge of social media and it's varied audiences as well as my creativity to conjure new ideas to enhance South East Dance's profile, which is what I love doing. Is it different to any other jobs I've had in the past? Yes of course, I'm a very sporty person and so sitting on a chair next to a computer and a desk (I have to admit that the chair is very comfortable) is very different but honestly, the varied jobs I do on a daily basis keep me comfortable and entertained which is great because there's that saying that office jobs and being glued to a desk is lifeless, and I feel that the "Office job" that I do completely belittles that statement.

As I mentioned, I get up to a lot of varied work, it's never the same on any day, which is great. If you had to put a label on what I do, I suppose that would be that I help to oversee South East Dance's social media accounts and sites, look at detailed analytics to see how we're gaining and losing audiences and to see how we can always look to expand and improve in this area. I work closely with the Digital Creative, Benjamin Anker, learning how to design and create newsletters and to keep up-to-date with uploading to our social media accounts daily so that our audience will always know what events are happening and so on. It’s great to work alongside Benji as he's extremely talented at his job and is always looking to push me in the right direction with improving myself. Not only this, Benji has made it very easy for me to settle down and so it makes me feel comfortable and free to use my creativity at work. I very much look forward to learning more from Benji and to continue to work alongside him in the future.

At the moment I'm currently focusing on the growth of our new Facebook group, The Red Line. So far we have over 270 members but I aim to increase that by quite a bit. Lots of other dance organisations I have contacted are keen to help with this.  Happy days!

A question that does dwell in my head is, what I would want to see change at South East Dance, that I can help make happen? I definitely want to push a lot of our attention towards building a highly followed YouTube account as I feel videos are much more popular with digital audiences than posts on Facebook and Twitter. A video can say so much to a viewer, as all they have to do is watch and listen whereas dated posts and such can easily be missed by audiences. Furthermore, YouTube is huge in size and in trend now whereas Facebook seems to becoming less popular and starting to slip in terms of interest and audiences. So, I'd like to implement change to our YouTube channel and to really grow it, we're doing well on Facebook and Twitter anyway so I’d rather focus on an area I can contribute to really improving.  

To summarise, on how things are going and what I do: they're going great, I'm not bored, I enjoy coming to work and the free, constant tea is obviously sweet... It's free tea, my inner British-self comes out and thrives in it.

Jack Bould: Reflecting on my first month at South East Dance…