Continuing our 21st Birthday celebrations; remembering Dust with Mim King

Digging around in the archives we came across Dust, a beautiful short film by Anthony Atanasio, performed by Mim King and commissioned by South East Dance Agency (as it was then) and Lighthouse. Mim has had a long association with South East Dance and she mused:

“It's quite strange to look at when it was made, I was working with the choreography of moving from stillness, to finding a reason/motivation to stand, then a return to gravity, influenced by the Japanese Butoh style. Much of the choreography is working/dancing with the hands and the stories hands can tell.”

Ten years after Dust was made, Mim was diagnosed with the genetic condition Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare inherited condition that affects connective tissue and increases hypermobility. For Mim, to walk requires crutches yet she can dance without them. South East Dance are proud to continue to support Mim with her practice and have awarded her funds through the Flourish bursary. The award will fund a trip to Brussels to spend three days receiving mentoring and exploring movement with Ursula Stricker, adopting her method of ‘placement/Ideokinesis’ to focus on awareness, alignment and centering of body,mind and spirit.  It gives Mim the opportunity to develop her Butoh dance practice and progress within an increasingly challenged body. 

We salute you Mim and look forward to hearing more about how Flourish has benefitted your work.  Meantime, take five (well, actually eight) and enjoy the beautiful film that is Dust.


Continuing our 21st Birthday celebrations; remembering Dust with Mim King